It’s Okay to Wait

Well, even though I was super excited to rewrite Desensitized, I think I need to put it on hold (even though it pains me to stop though it might be temporary). I need to rehash the whole plot and make it more original as well as more organized. The ideas need to flow and they just weren’t doing that.

So, I’ve learned another lesson: It’s okay to let go a little. If you think a story needs to be told, tell it. But don’t force it. It’s okay to give it some time to rest so you can come back with a fresh mind. If you have to force anything, it’s probably coming off that way to the reader as well.

Essentially, if a story needs to be told, tell it. But if it’s being forced, wait. You will have a chance to get your message out there. It just might need to wait until you’ve grown up a bit, learned more, and whatever else. Know what I mean? I think, even though many have told me I’m very mature for my age, I think I need to grow a little more. Not in height, obviously, though I wouldn’t mind a few more inches, being stuck at 4’11” – maybe 5′. 😉

I think I need to grow more as a writer, find my groove, know exactly what I want to say, and learn how to say it.

It’s okay to not know. I’m still figuring it all out. Not that I’m much to go off of or anything. 😛 I mean, really. Short, petite, 16 year old who started writing at, what – twelve? thirteen? – is gonna teach me? Haha! No. I’m not teaching anyone anything. Like I’ve said before: I’m still learning and I’ll throw out tidbits of info that I’ve found to be helpful and hope someone can benefit.

I’m not an expert.

With that said, I’m going to introduce you to the new idea I’ve started.

This is about a man who is transported from 1942 to 2016. He meets a brother and sister who work at a nightclub and they’re abused, but know no other way of life, so they just deal with it. He helps them out of the situation while buying time from another dude. This is a working title. I’m not sure I like it much.

But anyway.

I have school work to do since I’ll be at a speech and debate tournament next week from Wednesday to Saturday, but won’t get home ’till Sunday. It’s exhausting, but fun and I learn a lot.

God bless!