Dare To Live

Well, today’s started off a bit rotten.

I just seem to have been cursed with very active tear ducts which need to be emptied frequently.


I hate crying. But I do it whenever I’m overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, etc. The last few days have consisted of those feelings.

“So, is this post just for you to rant or have you got something intelligent to say?” you ask.

Believe it or not, I do.

Well, I hope I do anyway. 😛

Not being fantastic with introductions and transitions, I’m just going to say what I feel that I need to say and be done with it. Rambling may or may not happen. Ah, well, here we go.

I saw a thing yesterday. The amazing Una of Petticoats and Muckboots shared it with me and I’d like to share it with you.

I’ve realized that I’m guilty of spending too much time wishing things to go away or come faster or just for everything to stop all together.

But that’s not why I’m here.

When I was younger, I’d dream about doing amazing things, and living. I’m disappointed with the person I’ve become. I only dare to live through my writing. I don’t do much otherwise. It’s just school, research, schools, get scholarships for schools, know what you want to be so you can go to the right school, etc. etc. I’m sick of being pushed to prepare for the future now.

I want to live now. I won’t be 16 for a long time. I hate that I feel like I’m wasting so much time on just trying to pass. I don’t learn anything in school. I just get a LETTER that determines whether I’m smart or not.

That’s flipping messed up.

I encourage you all to live. Don’t just exist. Dream, do things, help others.

I had a lot more to say, but it’s all a rant. Just know that whatever you’re feeling, someone else is going through the same thing. Find them, hug them, don’t let go, and help each other out of the rut you’re in. ❤

Surviving implies getting through something with a fight. Refusing to give in. Getting through something is what I’m doing now. Just waiting for things to get better. But, quite honestly, nothing will change if I don’t make it change.

So… I need to go do stuff.


God bless!