• my tricks to (actually) get stuff done •

Hello, loves!

I have a few tricks for you today on (actually) getting stuff done. As a basically-college-student-in-high-school-with-a-massive-disorder  t e n d e n c y-towards-procrastination, getting stuff done is a pretty big thing. In fact, it’s to the point where, if I get one thing on my list done in a timely manner without procrastinating (or, at least, a minimal amount of it because, let’s be honest, procrastination is just a part of who I am now //thanks, high school//), I feel like I’ve earned some procrastinating time.

Yes. I’m that low. *hides face in shame, lives in an abandoned cave, adopts new life as a hermit*

But lately (the past two days +/- three and a half years), I’ve come to realize that there are a few things I can do that will guilt-trip motivate me into (actually) getting stuff done.

Note: I’m not using parentheses around my (actually’s) to kind of wink a ‘this-doesn’t-really-work-give-up-now’. I’m just trying to convey the point that… I’m (actually) getting stuff done.

Let’s get to it, shall we? My face will be assisting us.

• Trick #1: Find Yourself a Planner •

• how I trick myself into (actually) getting stuff done •

• I was chatting with the frabjous Mirriam Neal and she gave me advice we’d do well to remember: when filling out applications, you really need to sell yourself like an educational harlot // this mindset is the bomb diggity •

Not so I can plan all the stuff I want to do, but will never get done, and cry myself to sleep over because I can physically see what I should have but never accomplished and dream about said life as a hermit. No.

Why it works:

  • It organizes your brain.
  • You remember stuff before you forget. Mom told you to do the laundry? Write it down. Check your planner after two hours of scrolling through Pinterest and bam! I just saved your life/honor/cow’s honor/dignity/social life.
  • You get a sense of accomplishment when you check something off.
  • It creates a sense of urgency.

How to do it:

  • Either at night, or in the morning before you start your day, run through the list of things you need to get done and write them down.
  • You can also write down the things you need to get done for the week and just divvy it up by day.
  • When you remember something that needs doing, write it down.
  • Check your planner often – at least two or three times a day.
  • Don’t forget to check things off! It really feels good; plus, you can get creative with it too.

• Trick #2: Get the Hardest Thing Done First •

• get the hardest crap done first w/ help from noodles + chopsticks // it totally works •

• get the hardest crap done first with help from noodles + chopsticks + determination if you have it// this totally works//100% recommend •

Or the biggest task. Whichever you fancy.

Why it works:

  • The rest of the day feels a bit freed up. You got the biggest thing done; now the rest is a breeze.
  • If you get nothing else done, you did accomplish something big.

How to do it:

  • Prioritize!
  • And then get to do it.

• Trick #3: Know Thyself •

• say what •

• say what? // you serious? // yup. // 100% •

Get to know your energy cycle. Are you more of a morning-person (if you are, I’m shooting you a hard glare because you are not okay //but I still love you)? Get your tasks done then! More of a night owl (we can be better friends)? Make sure you get your stuff done at night. Afternoon kind-of-person? Start when you know it’s time!

Why it works:

  • You won’t be dragging at a time you’d rather be sleeping. Get stuff done when you’ve got energy.

How to do it:

  • Avoid distracting areas/people. Find an area that’s conducive to your studying (or whatever else you’re doing) vibe if you can. Then get your tasks done there!

• Trick #4: Headphones •

• I promise I wasn't trying to make a duck face. I was in a hallway at the college and it was awkward enough + my hair was on-point so •

• I promise I wasn’t trying to make a duck face. I was in a hallway at the college and posing for a picture with my planner + a computer on my lap was awkward enough; + my hair was on-point (as usual, I must confess) •

…are a blessing and a curse. They can help you zone in or give you more ways of procrastinating (stop clicking those Stephen Colbert show and K-Pop/J-Rock music video links//I’ll do it for the both of us).

Why it works:

  • You’re noise-distraction-free. You’re in your zone. Hooray!

How to do it:

  • Find a study playlist. Spotify has great options (//bless you, Spotify). Listen to it and only it. I’m just as interested in new music as you are; but we are stronger than our feelings (*channels some mentally strong book/film character and listens to only lyric-less music*).

I would tell you to ask someone to hold you accountable, but I don’t do that. I’m a very private person and don’t like anyone up in my business. But if that’s your style, go for it!

I hope this helps!

Love always,



I wish the happiest of birthdays to my favorite cousin on her 13th birthday. You will do amazing things in your life if you only strive to become better than who you were yesterday. You will do amazing things if you trust in God and align your will to His. His plan is perfect. // Life’s not easy. It never will be. But we can get through it. We are warriors, you and I. And we will fight to be our best selves. You’re the strongest person I know. One of the funniest. And you are my cousin. What a thought… ❤

• mini cake •

• Sorry the cake didn’t turn out well; it was pretty though! •

Full Time Student, Artist, and Procrastinator

Well, I have a midterm to take later today and I should be studying. But instead, I figured it wouldn’t help me by getting upset over something I’m not good at (science). Instead, I’d focus on something I can be good at when the hands cooperate. Every artist understands this struggle.

So, my friends, “art.” I don’t promise that it’s all fantastic. I’m just not mentally ready to immerse myself in the world of general science. Procrastination by uploadation.






Eyes Are the Window to the Soul

Face Forward


This is my life.





Song Bird

Two Worlds



Okay. That’s it.

Have a lovely day and pray for me please!

Thank you and bless you!


What’s for Lunch?

Cold turkey!

Okay, not really. Or maybe. Depending on what your mom (or your) made for lunch. 😛 I had a weird pizza. Mom put tomato sauce and cheese on flat foccacia bread. -_- But I made a HEALTHY PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE! All right. So, I just made the syrup. BUT WILL BE A LATTE! I’ll give you the recipe in a bit. 😉

Anyway, I was sitting around wondering what to post on next. I feel like I’m not great at writing  yet and so I need a few more years before I can actually start to give advice. I don’t pretend  that I know everything. I know a little bit and I’ll gladly share information on what I’ve learned  throughout the years, what I’ve observed, and what I’ve learned by reading others’ writings. I,  by no means, am an expert, nor do I claim to be.

However, I don’t need to be at that level to know that all writers – even expert ones – are also  experts on procrastination.

So, I’ve done a little research to help you out a bit! 🙂

1) Get Cold Turkey is a website where you can download something that will block whatever sites are distracting you. For example, it can block Facebook, Pinterest, and that food blog you’ve been frequenting for five minutes.

2) I don’t know about you, but I tend to tire of something quickly if I take too long to do it. So, just sit down, grab your earphones, and play some music while you write up a lousy first draft. It doesn’t matter how horrible it is, just write.

3) Music. Yeah… I love music. But the thing is, it’s distracting. 😛 So, Mirriam Neal kindly gave me a wonderful list of Korean music (the majority of the lyrics are in Korean, so I don’t need to worry about getting distracted by English lyrics)! 😀 Yeah, my new favorite band is Exo. 😛 Check out Black Pearl, Let Out the Beast, Growl, and Howl. 😛 So grab some music with a language you don’t understand and listen to that instead. xD

4) Set goals and set a timer. They will help keep you to it, hopefully. 😛

5) Readers. Oh my word, if it weren’t for my (few) reader(s), I don’t think I’d be writing at all. Una helps me out so much. ❤

6) Write something you really want people to read. When you have a message to spread, you wanna get it out there.

7) I know it’s easier said than done, but seriously. Just sit down and do it. 😛 I find it’s easier to write at night. If that’s something you’re able/allowed to do, go for it! I’m not. But whatevs. 😛

I really hope that helps.

Is there anything I’m missing? What helps you beat procrastination?

And here’s the Healthy Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe I promised you. 😉

God bless!