Updates x 2

Hello, lovlies!

I hope all is going well. ^_^

Update #1:

Regionals was spectacular. I did not break (move on to the next level) in debate; however, I did make it to semi-finals in my After Dinner Speech (it was filmed and you may have access to it in the near future).

EDIT: It’s up on YouTube! Excuse my insane eyebrow movement and fairly fast pace… and face. Anyway, here ’tis!

Here are some pictures to prove that I had a wonderful time (more coming soon [maybe]), courtesy of Sarah Mackenzie whose blog you should totally check out (and if her URL doesn’t draw you in, maybe these pictures will):


And, of course, speech and debate tournaments call for a massive consumption of caffeine (due to no sleep, up at 6:00 a.m, and bed anywhere between 10 and 12. For three days.). My mother (bless her precious heart) knew this and took the liberty of buying me a s’mores (S’MORES!) frapp. This led to a Starbucks-themed photoshoot which resulted in a .gif which tells the story of three heartbroken young maidens as they realize




there is no more coffee.

I'm waiting for Starbucks to call and see if we're interested in marketing for them.

I’m waiting for Starbucks to call and see if we’re interested in marketing for them. (Also notice me sporting those sweet Converse sneaks with a suit.)

Update #2:

I finally changed the blog name! Here’s to hoping you like it now and I will like it in a few years. 😉 Please bear with me as I make this transition and try to correct all the links.

Before I go, however, I would like to direct you to a sweet blog. The owner is a mother of 5 (her oldest child is 5 years old) and her husband just got diagnosed with stage IV Melanoma. I’ve followed it for a while and can tell you that it’s one of the most comforting blogs on the internet. Please be praying for their family and, if you have the chance, comment over there to let them know.

God bless!


Old Beginnings

Good afternoon, friends!

I need help. I’m not liking “The Villain Authoress” as my blog name anymore for a few reasons:

  1. My posts deal with more than just writing. I’d like to leave a little more room for post content without readers looking at them through a writing sort of lens.
  2. I’d like something that can grow up with me (I’d come up with this tag when I was maybe 13 or 14? I’m 17 now and things have changed as they tend to do).
  3. I’d like a URL that captures more of my personality, so when you click onto this blog, you feel as if you’re stopping by to chat with an old friend, not read a post written by some obscure fairy of the cosmos.

Since I write for you to read, I’d like your opinion. Below is a poll and if you wouldn’t mind choosing your favorites, I’d appreciate it. 😉 Suggestions are also welcome.

(You can choose up to 3 options. 😉 )

Meanings behind the names:

1. livingintheshade.wordpress.com

2. everything-under-the-shade.wordpress.com — 1 and 2 are essentially a play on “everything under the sun” but, as a homeschooling redhead, I don’t do “sun.” 😛

3. theskepticeclectic.wordpress.com — I’m quite the skeptic and have many interests.

4. musings-of-a-ginger.wordpress.com — *points to hair* I think this is pretty self-explanatory.

5. legally-ginger.wordpress.com — *twists lock of red hair* This too. And I think there’s a movie called “Legally Blonde,” but I’ve never seen it. Is it okay to do a play on that…?

6. lostinwonderland.wordpress.com — Kind of whimsical and I like that.

7. myfavoriteflavorismore.wordpress.com — I try to do new things, so this can refer to food or life in general!

God bless!