Why Are Writers Weird?

 For a while, I wondered why writers were weird. I mean, we do have a reputation for being a bit off our rockers.

We cry over “fictional” characters (note the quotes).

We lock ourselves in dark rooms with a computer and only let people in when they come bearing gifts of food.

We would generally rather stay at home, flip on the BBC station, and curl up with a computer on our laps than hang out with people.

We look weird too. Most of us anyway. We walk around in pj’s, rarely bother to brush out our disheveled hair… Right? I’m not the only one. I can’t be. But my hair looks fine considering. It gets poofy if I brush it.

Anyway. *cough* So, why are writers so weird?

Well, after much contemplation, I think I found the answer. Please, feel free to add your thoughts to this as well. I’m very interested in this. 🙂

Writers are weird because we live so many lives. We feel too many emotions.  We experience more than the average person. We’ve killed more than the average person too. Guys. We’re murderers. O____________O

But yeah. We feel more than people are designed to feel. People feel a lot anyway, but we feel more. Because we put ourselves in our character’s positions. If it’s real to us, it’s real to the reader, right? (Not always, but generally.) When we kill off our favorite character, we get depressed.

I mean, it’s like killing your best friend.

You’re emotionally dead for the rest of the day. You can’t stop thinking about everything they did. I know because I just did something horrible to my MC’s and I cried.

These people are real to us.

They’re sad, we’re sad. They’re happy, we’re happy.

You know what I mean? We’re not Batman. We don’t lead double-lives. We live, like, fifty million lives at the same time. Not sayin’ I’m better than a superhero, but I don’t think Batman could handle leading more than two lives. 😛

Did that make sense? Or was I rambling? Did I miss anything? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Leave me a comment. ^_^


And now, my darlings, I have a revealing. Here is the t-shirt I am wearing tomorrow for Halloween. I’m pretty proud of it. I just got a cheap shirt at Walmart and used a q-tip dipped in bleach to write after outlining with a white, water-soluble pencil. 🙂 I’ll make the costume complete by wearing black skinny jeans with pink Converse sneaks and adorning my skin with tally marks as well as mascara tears.

(Sorry for the low quality. These were taken with my computer.)

picture105 picture106

God bless! 😀


Something I Learned + Fangirling

‘Ello, my lovely ladies and gentlemen!

Okay, so I was thinking a bit about something that happened to me in about first or second grade. I learned a valuable lesson back then, though I didn’t realize it at the time. I learned how to get people to like you. And if they like you, they’ll most likely want to help you out and BAM! you’ve got some people to help with getting the word out about your novel! 😀

The assignment was to write about what was in the paper bag on the teacher’s desk. I don’t remember exactly what the other kids wrote, but I expect it to be something like aliens or bunny rabbits.

What was mine on? An alien. But that’s not it. I included most of the kids in the class plus the teacher! The teacher was kidnapped and my fellow students were the heroes. They actually all shouted in unison for an encore and the teacher read it again. That’s what makes people like you. You HAVE TO make them feel special.

They’ll associate that warm, fuzzy feeling they got from that one time you complimented them or helped them carry their groceries or whatever! Every time they see you, they’ll remember the feelings associated with the first time they met you, so make it a good one.

It’s that simple! 🙂

Now, onto fangirling. 😀

I’m going as a fangirl for Halloween. ^_^ I’m going to buy a black t-shirt from Walmart or something and slash just a little bit of the front to make a broken heart. Something like this, though much smaller and I’ll keep the shoulders up:

And then I’m going to have cutouts on the back to spell “FANGIRL” and spray bleach over them to get an effect like this:

I’ll probably carry around a picture of Moffat with a yellow smiley face spray painted onto it, but poke holes in to make a frown. My Holmies/Sherlockians will get that. 😉

Mascara tears are a must and as for the rest of my outfit: probably black skinny jeans and my pink Converse sneakers (a friend gave me her pair for free because she didn’t like how the two sides met in the middle :P). Oh! And definitely tally marks on my arms/hands/and possibly face!

There you are, my dears!

Have a safe Halloween and don’t do anything stupid. 😉

God bless!

Rana Aboujaoude