You don’t deserve what you want + here’s why




Before you go run to grab the cold water and soothe that burn, hang on for just a sec. Hear me out. I was watching this video and one of the points that Ariel mentioned really struck me. (You love it when people put your thoughts into words too, right?)

Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation. Oscar Wilde // |

She was talking about achieving your dreams. And I’d like to touch on that. Here’s a list of my thoughts because, if you’ve been around for any amount of time, you know I love them:

#1) Your aspirations are yours to chase; they do not belong to your parents or friends.

You want to be the manager of Coca-Cola. That’s your dream. If you want it, you have to go get it. Your parents can’t call Coke up and ask for a promotion from nothing.

You have to start at the bottom and work your way up. If you can handle it and work hard enough, that proves you’re meant to be where you end up.

Good results don’t come from wishful thinking or simply asking nicely (although the latter does help). Good results come after one puts forth the effort, time, and resources.

So now that we know whose dream we’re talking about and who deserves it, let’s move on to why you don’t deserve what you want.

#2) You don’t deserve what you want because you’re still wanting it.

You get my drift?

No one gets handed their dreams on a silver platter (unless you’re rich and your dream is food). If you’re still wanting what you’re wishing for, you obviously haven’t worked…

a) hard enough


b) long enough.

Aspirations take time to materialize. You don’t deserve what the manager of Coca-Cola has because you haven’t made it there yet.

#3) Clarification Points

a) We’re talking about realistic dreams. If you come from a middle class family such as mine, your dreams are probably not as big (or expensive) as a kid of the President of the U.S., right? If you broke your legs, they got infected, and had to be amputated, winning first place in figure skating at the Olymipcs probably isn’t as realistic for you as it would be for someone with both legs. It’s just common sense (and life).

b) Even if you’ve worked hard, given up everything, and struggled toward your dream for ten years and still not there, you still don’t deserve it. Why? Because you obviously deserve much more.

I’m a firm believer in meaning. Everything has a reason for happening. And it all works out for the better (Romans 8:28). It really does. I know this from certain experiences in my life. I’m happier. I’m stronger. It could be from something as simple as not winning a debate round or more complex like not being born somewhere less miserable than Florida (which, by the way, is the place people come to die; seriously, more and more retirement homes are being built here). 😉

Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do. Pope John XXIII // |

#4) The point is, if you don’t chase your dreams, no one’s going to go out and get them for you.

Yes, cheesy. I know.

But the level of cliche does not determine the truthfulness of a statement.

At one point or another, we all need to realize that we are in control of our own lives and we need to get off out butts and do something with them. (I’m still working on this and it’s frustrating as all get out. Seriously, a certain family member told me they would choose a profession for me and make me go to college for it. But that’s not their decision to make, not their life to run, and they can’t make me do it – as much as I respect them. And if you’re wondering, I told them the above and that I was praying for direction and I think they dropped the idea.)

I encourage you to live; not merely exist. Take risks. Ask for help. Do something to promote your future well-being. Do something to love yourself now.

You deserve the things you get and the things you don’t.

God bless,



Dare To Live

Well, today’s started off a bit rotten.

I just seem to have been cursed with very active tear ducts which need to be emptied frequently.


I hate crying. But I do it whenever I’m overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, etc. The last few days have consisted of those feelings.

“So, is this post just for you to rant or have you got something intelligent to say?” you ask.

Believe it or not, I do.

Well, I hope I do anyway. 😛

Not being fantastic with introductions and transitions, I’m just going to say what I feel that I need to say and be done with it. Rambling may or may not happen. Ah, well, here we go.

I saw a thing yesterday. The amazing Una of Petticoats and Muckboots shared it with me and I’d like to share it with you.

I’ve realized that I’m guilty of spending too much time wishing things to go away or come faster or just for everything to stop all together.

But that’s not why I’m here.

When I was younger, I’d dream about doing amazing things, and living. I’m disappointed with the person I’ve become. I only dare to live through my writing. I don’t do much otherwise. It’s just school, research, schools, get scholarships for schools, know what you want to be so you can go to the right school, etc. etc. I’m sick of being pushed to prepare for the future now.

I want to live now. I won’t be 16 for a long time. I hate that I feel like I’m wasting so much time on just trying to pass. I don’t learn anything in school. I just get a LETTER that determines whether I’m smart or not.

That’s flipping messed up.

I encourage you all to live. Don’t just exist. Dream, do things, help others.

I had a lot more to say, but it’s all a rant. Just know that whatever you’re feeling, someone else is going through the same thing. Find them, hug them, don’t let go, and help each other out of the rut you’re in. ❤

Surviving implies getting through something with a fight. Refusing to give in. Getting through something is what I’m doing now. Just waiting for things to get better. But, quite honestly, nothing will change if I don’t make it change.

So… I need to go do stuff.


God bless!