Chatterbox: Water

In case you’re still in the dark about what the chatterbox is, take a look. ^_^ I apologize for the roughness of my writing. I’ve been out of it. :/

My body froze when I saw hers, pale and shimmering beneath the clear waves. I reeled, taking a few steps back. My lungs grew thick inside my chest. I looked again.

Her skin was white as the moon on a black night. And just as radiant.

As I watched, her eyes opened. Startled, I staggered backward. She’d been under for too long. She couldn’t be alive. I knelt on the muddy banks and reached out my hand.

“Come to me,” she whispered. I’d never heard that tone in my wife’s voice before. The words were almost hissed, forceful, laced with a dark sort of edge. I raked my hands through my hair. Sweat trickled down my face like rain.

Come to me.

I heard the words like an echo in my mind.

She moved toward the surface. Excitement rose within me. She was coming back! I reached out once more and, just before she took my hand, rain began to pour from the heavens. The first drop shattered her porcelain image. A shriek rose from her lips and I sat up, opening my eyes, drenched.

I glanced over at the lazy river. Her body wasn’t there. A bolt of lightening across the sky revealed only muddy, murky water.

Again. I’d come back again.

Water had taken her life and saved my own. I spat.

“Blasted rain.”

Eeeeeeeah, so there. xD

I hope y’all have a lovely day. 🙂

God bless!


Chatterbox: Mirrors

To find out more about these monthly chatterboxes, head on over to Rachel’s Inkpen Authoress! 🙂

And now… for the chatterbox. 😉

“Oh, I wish you’d just go die,” I hissed. My fingers scraped against the skin over my heart. The organ wanted to stop its never-ending job of just beating. Its incessant bah-bump, bah-bump was keeping me alive and if even the organ created for the sole purpose of maintaining my existence wanted out, so did I.

I lifted my eyes to meet those of my reflection. The blue irises rimmed in red and black lashes with the mascara running as freely as the tears tracked black traces of the struggle down my cheeks.

“You really don’t want to give up, you know.”

I looked at the young man’s face over my reflection’s shoulder. He was leaning against the wall behind me. I whirled around to see him directly. How did he get in here? I hadn’t heard him. I’d never seen him before. Why was he in my house?

But no one was there. I turned back to face the mirror. He was right behind me.

“What the-” I started, but he held a finger to his pale lips. The man’s eyes were shaded by the darkness that consumed me.

“You don’t want to give up because someone out there needs you,” he explained.

I shook my head. “No one needs me.”

“Yes, they do,” was the insistent response. “You don’t know it. How could you possibly know it? You’re not the one who needs you.”

“How could I help anyone?” I snarled. “And how did you get in my house?” I turned to see him, but invisible hands gripped my shoulders and turned me back around. I glowered at him in the mirror. “Who the heck are you?”

“I’m the little voice in the back of your mind that whispers…

“Hold on. Something better is coming.”


“The pain that you’ve been feeling can’t compare to the joy that’s coming.”

-Romans 8:18-

God bless!


Chatterbox: Food

I was having an e-mail conversation with the lovely Mirriam Neal yesterday and I let her know that I had almost accidentally typed “food” instead of “good” to which she responded “‘good’ and ‘food’ can be easily interchanged.” I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. 🙂

If you don’t know what Chatterbox is, check out the Inkpen Authoress blog. 😉

And now here is a snippet from Chapter 13 The Reset. This takes place just after Alias meets the lovely January.

“What time do you need to get back home?”

“I don’t,” I answer. “You got any place to be?”

He shakes his head. “I got no place to go, except the places I want to be.”

“Sounds nice.”

“It does, doesn’t it?” Jan stares off into the middle distance, his voice thoughtful.

“You hungry?” I ask him. “Can I take you out for supper?”

He raises an eyebrow. “Did you just ask me out on a date?”

I shake my head. “No. I asked you if you wanted some free food.”

He spreads his hands out. “Hey, I’ve never not accepted a free meal. But what’s the catch?”

“No catch. Just food.”

“Unless, of course, we eat fish. In which case, there must be a catch for there to be food.”

I laugh as I stand and stretch my legs. “True. Now where would you like to go?”

God bless!


Chatterbox: Mythology

‘Ello, my lovlies!

I’ve come down with a cold and finals for biology lecture and lab are today.

Coincidence? I think not.

My friend had a theory on this: Why do Americans call Autumn “fall?” Quite simply because everyone is coming down with sickness. Sounds more like a cheesy joke, but hey! Snickerdoodle Hashtag approves.


So onto the subject of this month’s chatterbox. If you’re not sure what this is about, check out the Inkpen Authoress blog. 🙂

The topic: Mythology.

I couldn’t see anything through the thick fog. Moisture seeped through my clothing, causing the garments to stick uncomfortably to my skin. I hurried down the steep, rocky slope to the edge of the water with as much caution as I could muster.

The second my big toe dipped into the water, a large sort of sea monster rose only a few yards in front of me and leaned its long neck forward, parting the mist. I ran a trembling hand along the damp, scaly skin. Its body exuded a warmth that was unnatural for a creature of these cold waters.

“You need to leave,” I whispered to it.

The loch ness monster pulled back and looked into my eyes, staring as if it was reading my soul.

“They’re going to get you,” I explain. “And I won’t watch you die. So please, go.”

The creature nuzzled my face for the last time before swimming backwards and slipping below the lazy lapping waves. I stared at the water until the ripples caused by the loch ness were no more.

God bless!


Chatterbox: Death

Hello, my lovelies! Sorry if that sounded creepy…

Anyway! The speech and debate tournament was fantastic! We had 109 competitors, 64 of which were new.  😀 We had three rounds of debate and 2 of speech. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t win all three. I believe that I should have won all of them, but hey! You never know exactly what’s going on in the judge’s head, right? I won two out of three rounds. Not bad. My speaker points were high! 😀

Impromptu, however, didn’t go so well. My topics were dreams and radiance. -_- But we won’t talk about that. 😛

In case you’re new, or missed it, last month started a monthly writing prompt sort of thing. For more information, check out the description on InkPen! 🙂 Onto the death scene! 😀


     She slipped between the rusty black gates, which just barely managed to hang onto their hinges, and into the cemetery. A gust of wind followed her in, blowing the chains and lock so that they clanged against the iron bars. Her fingers slipped under the collar of her maroon colored jacket and flipped it up to shield her pale face from the chill.

The crescent moon shone brightly behind a mist of clouds in the dark sky. No stars shone tonight.

The girl’s eyes scanned the uneven ground. Tombstones sat in the dirt, some chipped, some so worn that the words could not be made out. The memorial she sought was one such as this.

“Who are you looking for?” a voice growled. She did not turn around. “The cemetery is closed. I thought the fact that the gates were closed and chained would be an evident sign that no one should enter.”

“He told me to come tonight,” she explained quietly as if the grave keeper would understand. He nodded knowingly.

“Ah… This way.”

The man shook his head as he turned away, muttering something about an incredible number of young people.

The young woman followed the tall, lithe figure. It seemed to fade in and out with every step. She rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn’t seeing things. Her heart thumped hard against the inside of her chest like it wanted out.

“You prepared to pay the fee?” the man asked. He stopped and turned to look at the girl. She wondered how old he was. He looked young, but his eyes seemed older than the earth itself. “It’s pricey.”

The girl nodded as she pulled her coat closer around her slender body. The man’s top-hat covered head turned back around followed by his body. He smirked as a small gasp escaped the young woman’s lips.

“Are you ready?” he asked, his voice muffled by a navy blue scarf.

“I am,” came the answer.

“Then pay up.”

A dagger appeared in the man’s pale, bony hand. The girl accepted the weapon and, with a deep breath, plunged it into her own heart. A shriek filled the air, but the wind whipped it away quickly. The woman’s body disappeared and, in her place, a young man stood. He sighed.

“Rest in peace, my darling,” he whispered, touching the gravestone that, just moments before, had his name written across the front. It now read the name of the young woman who had died to give him his life back.


God bless!


Something New

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! 🙂

So, Inkpen Authoress has started a thing. It’s called chatterbox. Every month, there’s a new “prompt” if I may use the term. In essence, you’ve got to take the word/sentence she’s put up there and write about it using your characters. Did that make sense? Like, if it’s about coffee, you write about the characters drinking/serving/talking over coffee. If that still doesn’t make sense, check out her blog and hopefully that’ll work. 😛

Anyway, I’ll be doing that. This month’s chatterbox topic? Have you guessed? Coffee. 😉

Here’s my snippet using my babies Cael and Aspen and Kody (Cael’s twin brother) and Core and Blade from Desensitized. This is from the second book in the series. It’s written from Aspen’s point of view.

“What do we do between now and then?”

“Take advantage of this time and catch up on sleep.”

“Sounds good.”

“Not you.” Cael pokes my arm. “You are spending time with Kody. And you’re going to be the best of friends.”

He smiles wickedly. “And while you’re working things out, I’m going to catch up on sleep. Now… if you don’t mind…?” Cael makes a shooing motion with his hand, indicating that I should move so he can get out. I cross my arms.

“You’re staying here just in case this doofus decides to break someone’s face again,” I say, nodding in Kody’s direction. “Blade and Core can go to sleep first.”

The two boys perk up at the thought, then slide out of the booth and head upstairs before Cael can stop them. He glares at me.

“Just until you start getting along,” he says, rubbing his eyes.

“You’ll be needing some coffee then,” I say.

“Already had some.”

“You need more. Do they do free refills?”

“I think so. Kody would you mind…?”

The older twin grudgingly complies, scraping three mugs off the table and bringing them to the counter.


I’d love to see your snippets if you decide to choose to join in the chatterbox prompt! If you want to share, go ahead and leave a link to your blog/website (or leave the snippet if you don’t have a blog/website which is totally fine!) and I’ll check it out! 😀 I can’t leave comments, depending on who you are, but I will check it out. 🙂


God bless!