Merry Christmas Message

Hello, darling and Merry Christmas!

I just want to say thank you. You are truly amazing and a wonderful gift to me. I have not much to give in return except my thoughts (for now). Thank you for listening. Thank you for encouraging me, loving me, supporting me.

I realize that this is not the most interesting blog to follow as I cannot respond to most comments; therefore, it’s not as interactive as the plethora of other blogs out there. But those of you who “like” and “follow” mean so much more. Your gift of time, I realize, is not merely a “you’re a friend, so I have to read what you write” sort of thing. The fact that you freely and willingly take the time to read what I have to say and then decide that it’s worthy of waiting to see what else I come up with means the world.

So, thank you, love. Thank you and Merry Christmas.





Can you tell I made it to The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies? 😉 If you haven’t, I highly recommend it!


God bless!



Writers, stay tuned! I have a late Christmas gift for you coming (hopefully) early next year.

Advertisement Challenge

Good morning, you!

Guess what! Today is TVA’s first anniversary. Also, this is the 100th post!

TVA Advertisement ChallengeKind of crazy cool how that worked out. ^_^ I love it when things kind of go together like that. It just feels very right. Like when pieces of a puzzle fit together.

I wanted to do something special in honor of the blog’s “birthday” and I have a sort of surprise, but it’s not really… ready yet. 😉 I’m hoping that it will include a giveaway, but I need to do some things first. It’s not a book giveaway, alas. I think it’s pretty cool though. Here’s to hoping you will too. When I get around to putting it all together.

Let’s do something different today, shall we?

I’ve been in the blogging world for a year (well, more since I had another one, but deleted it and couldn’t get it back, but you get my meaning). And I so wish I could respond to comments, but parental restrictions, you know? 132 brilliant and lovely human beings have chosen to follow my blog and I’m so grateful to each and every one of you. ❤

I’ve been advertising myself for a year, so to speak.

Now it’s your turn. Advertise your blog and leave us a link to check it out, advertise your specialties, what you stand for, what your favorite color is, how many pets you have. Whatever. Go for it!

And, as the ALS ice bucket challenge proved so well, if you say it’s a challenge, people can’t really back down. So I challenge all of you to advertise yourself in the comments and then nominate a friend. 😉

More specifically, I challenge in alphabetical order:





Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

God bless!


Liebster Award!

I’ve been nominated for it! Which was a lovely surprise!

A big things to Tara for the nomination! It made my day. ^_^

So now, I guess this is what I have to do:

Thank and link back to the person who nominated you
List 11 facts about yourself
Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
Nominate 9 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers (you can’t nominate the blogger who nominated you)
Ask them 11 questions
Let them know about the nomination

Well, obviously since my parents have set restrictions on my internet communication abilities, I’ll just do what I can and hope y’all don’t hate me for it. 😛

Le 11 Facts

1) I’m the kind of person who likes pulp in their orange juice.

2) I second-guess everything. I’m serious. I’m rarely every sure of anything or anyone because I doubt. If I was a dude, my name’d be Thomas.

3) You’d probably never know if I hated you in real life because I’m polite. I’m more honest over the internet with some people, but irl, I’m known for smiling all the time and being way too sweet.

4) I’m really not very funny. My humor consists of uncalled for remarks, knowing random things, and facial expressions.

For instance, someone was joking and said that someone else was drunk on wine and the response was, “It’d take a lot more than that, honey.” I, not thinking, blurted out, “You would know.” *facepalm*

As for knowing random things, someone asked how one would hide a body (this was with the youth at my parish) and I was like, “OH YEAH, YOU BURY THE BODY SIX FEET UNDER AND THREE FEET ABOVE THAT YOU BURY A DOG. THEN WHEN THE POLICE’S DOGS GO SNIFFING, THEY’LL DIG OF THE DOG AND JUST KEEP LOOKING.” Way to make an impression on the young people of the church, Rana. Although, I did learn that that’s why one girl is friends with me. *shrug* Because I know how to hide a body. *cue the song They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love*

5) I am thinking about setting up a little crochet shop during the summer. I think it’ll be a crochet-on-demand type thing. If anyone’s interested. *shrug*

6) I don’t like following school rules. Yeah, I’m homeschooled, but I do it online so the English lesson will ask me to choose which person was right on a certain issue and I’ll be all like, “Actually, neither and here’s why.”

7) RED is my favorite music band. Skillet, Sent By Ravens, Thousand Foot Krutch – other favs. 😉

8) I just made cinnamon roll scones – SUGAR-FREE, LOW-CARB, AND GLUTEN-FREE, PEOPLE. They’re amazing.

9) I talk a lot, but rarely say anything because I don’t like people I know knowing a lot about me.

10) I have privacy issues. People infringe on my personal space, possessions, or anything else of mine, I will freak out internally.

11) I don’t freak out very easily. I rarely scream. Especially if kids get hurt, I’m just all like, “unless they’re going to the ER, they’re fine. And even then, they should be fine.” I know, I know. I’m a heartless beast.

Le 11 Questions I Must Answer

1. Do you like to take distorted pictures of yourself?

…Yeah? I normally don’t like pictures of myself, so I mess them up as much as possible. I feel like it captures the “real me.” It’s kind of sad.

2. How would you describe yourself?

In a few words? A paragraph? A novel? An auto-biography? I’ll try to keep it short. 😛 I doubt myself a lot, but am strong in what I believe. I like people, but don’t trust them easily. But when it comes to fooling me, it’s quite easy. I swear I’m blonde at the roots. Someone told me cranberries were vegetables and someone joined in and I believed them. -_- In my defense, however, I was exhausted. *cough* I’m always exhausted. *cough*

3. What’s your best joke?

Me. I am my best joke. But if you want one to tell others… the first one that comes to mind is, “The best steak joke is a medium well done.” I didn’t make it up. I’m not funny/smart enough. 😛

4. If you had to change your name, what name would you pick?

Oh, gosh. Uhm… Ariadne? Maybe? Possibly? If I was a guy, I’d choose Icarus. I think that’s a flipping epic name.

5. Do you collect clothes tags?

Nope. I’m a pack rat, but I try not to keep things that I won’t look back on fondly later on in life. Or things that I can’t remember a lesson from. Know what I mean, jelly bean?

6. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That answer would vary depending on the mood you caught me in. Right now, you caught me at cinnamon rolls/cinnamon roll scones. I have a sweet tooth. 😛

7. Choose one: Famous, rich, or attractive

What? Oooo. As in, which would I want in a man? Which would I want for myself? If the first: I’m not into guys. (I’m not into girls either! I think I’m non-sexual.) But I’d probably go for attractive (with the right personality, beliefs, etc.). If the second… Either famous or attractive. I have a lot I want to say for people to hear, but I’m afraid it’d change me and I don’t want that.

8. Do you have a favorite letter?

I like them all if they’re in the right font. ^_^

9. Chocolate or peanut butter?

O___________________O Why are they separated?

10. Would you be chosen to act as Snow White or the wicked step mother?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I have no idea. If the director of the play knew me, probably the wicked step mother. If we were just acquaintances, Snow White. Though I’d need a wig. 😛

11. Which is your favorite hair color: pink, blue, or green?

I think it depends on the person it’s on. 😉

Questions for my nominees to answer:

1) What nationality are you?

2) Do you believe the ends justify the means?

3) Do you work well under pressure or snap?

4) What’s your favorite music genre/band?

5) Batman or Superman?

6) Do you like to bake?

7) Would you rather burn to a crispy chip of a human person or get skinned alive?

8) Honestly, how many friends do you have? Not acquaintances, but honest-to-goodness-friends.

9) What was/is your best subject in school?

10) Do you do your own thinking or allow others to just give you the information?

11) What’s your favorite ink color?

My nominees (is that the correct terminology?) in alphabetical order:

1) Lisa of God’s Daughter 4 Ever

2) Mirriam of Wishful Thinking

3) Sara of Sara Delacroix

4) Una of Petticoats and Muckboots

And that about wraps it up!

Just a side note: my laptop went kaput last week. I’m getting it repaired. When I get it back, I’ll write up a post on what a touring author I ran into on Friday had to say about publishing and writing in general. 😉 I’d never heard of him before, but his name was Greg Gutfield and he wrote Not Cool.

God bless!