So, you’re probably wondering what The Gingerling is all about or I’m narcissistic. Either way, you ended up on this page somehow; you might as well keep reading, right?

What’s behind the name?

This requires a two-part answer, neither of which are mutually exclusive:

a) I am a ginger. A red head. The 2 percent. (Well, 1% because I have blue eyes which is said to be the rarest combination in the world.)

b) I stand somewhere in the rage of 4’11” – 5’1″. I’m a people mcnugget. A little taller than a midget, but shorter than a real life human being.

Are you saying you’re not human?

I’m not saying I’m not a unicorn in disguise.

What is The Gingerling about? What is its purpose?

This is a pretty schizophrenic blog. I cover everything from writing tips to pizza recipes to artwork to thoughts on life. Its purpose is to be openly honest in a world that isn’t.

I hope you stick around!


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