• ignorance + innocence •

Hello, darlings!

I tried to write a new year’s post, but it just wasn’t coming. Which is fine. I don’t mind going with the flow (typically). But something that’s been on my mind lately is the following and I think I’d like to talk about that instead.

Innocence has a bad rep.

But I think that’s because people confuse innocence, ignorance, and abstinence.

  • Innocence is, essentially, a lack of guilt; it’s purity.
  • Ignorance is willfully and actively avoiding to educate yourself.
  • Abstinence is being aware of something and knowing it exists without engaging in it.

The innocent are the children. They’re pure and good.

The ignorant are obnoxious. They flaunt their opinions without being first educated.

Those that abstain are mocked for their maturity which is misunderstood for innocence by those that are ignorant.

I’m not innocent. I’m aware of what’s going on and what people do but I don’t engage in it. Which results in my getting a lot of, “oh, you’re so precious”, “you’re so innocent“, and “you’re such a good kid (because I obviously don’t know how to be a bad kid – too innocent and all that, you know)” with the occasional bit of snickering thrown in at the end.

I’m a good kid because I choose to not make poor decisions and I think about the long-term before making big ones. I’m all about living to the fullest and learning as much as possible – but not at the expense of my future.

We are misunderstood for not being followers. And we ought to be okay with that. We should be proud of that. Because it means we think for ourselves + aren’t afraid to stick to our guns.

If we don’t know what we stand for, we will fall for anything.

I don’t remember who said that, but it’s entirely relevant.

I hope you had an incredible Christmas + that your new year is full of new adventures, blessings, and joy.


Rana || xoxo


4 thoughts on “• ignorance + innocence •

  1. Loverly as usual, m’dear! And it was nice seeing you earlier today in the store. I’m sorry if I made you regret our friendship with my weirdness. You were probably having a wonderful day without the mentally scarring images of my obsessive nature…
    I love this post, though. It’s directly to the point, completely honest, and so beautifully worded. The definitions that you made for “ignorance”, “innocence”, and “abstinence” are spot-on. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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