• appreciate + need •

Hey, you!

Christmas is a week away (what). Cue the shopping hysteria + “great” deals. You can find me at my kitchen table within the walls of my house and avoiding the chaos.

The other day (night?), I spent the night on a boat (a boat). It was a blast! Boats are just really neat okay. They’re created to maximize and utilize every space which is the bomb diggity. I’m all about keeping it neat, clean, and efficient.

Anyway, while we were there, my friends and I played a game called Therapy. We basically got every question right simply because we’ve known each other for longer than we can remember. But one came up that I didn’t think too much of at the time, but, after mulling it over, realized it was more than just a question to help get to know your friends.

My friends had to guess how materialistic I thought I was. They guessed somewhere around a 6 (on a rating scale of 1 – 10).

But after a bit of discussion, we realized that, more than needing the things I had, I appreciated the things I own. I have to earn my money, save 45% of it, and give 10% to church. So it takes me a long time to get the amount of money I need for whatever I want to spend it on; and it also makes me think really hard about what it is I’m buying before I even take out my wallet. As a result, I appreciate the things I have more than most and I take care of the things I have.

My friends and I, at first thought, misunderstood the question + my attitude toward things.

This can be applied to the Christmas season, to gift-giving, to gift-getting.

So much of my dislike for the Christmas season comes from people confusing feeling entitled and being blessed to have the things they already own. It’s a stressful time because people feel that, without a gift, Christmas is left meaningless + considered a failed holiday.

But, really, this is a huge holiday. Do we want to drag it down to such a low degree that we make it nothing without stuff, stress, and drama? What does that say about us? How shallow are we?

• appreciate + need •

Christmas is a time for reflection; it’s not a time for freaking out because you can’t get your mom some more stuff. That’s not love. Prove your love through your actions like Christ did; like He does. And don’t limit it to once a year; that only makes it a chore.

Merry Christmas.

Rana || xoxo


3 thoughts on “• appreciate + need •

  1. There’s a scene in American Psycho where Christian Bale’s character, a superficial, materialistic stock broker unraveling into a homicidal spree, goes to an ATM and the ATM says, “Feed Me A Stray Cat”. — feed the money machine something innocent.

    … American Psycho is basically how I feel about American Christmas.


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