• MEMEBOX review •


//packaged with bright pink shredded paper + three free sample items//

//packaged with bright pink shredded paper + three free sample items//

[pronounced me-me-box]

…is a frabjous online store for Korean beauty products. One of the most adorable places on the internet with an entire series dedicated to products that tell you what they are. You’ll see what I mean.

It’s essentially a hug in a box that will bring you incredible amounts of happiness when you open it.

• eyeliner •

I purchased a brown eyeliner from the I’m Series.

It glides on very smoothly and contains a lasting power not of this world. Or country. Whichever. I wore it from work to my church’s annual fall festival and it didn’t budge from 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.!

• MEMEBOX review •

One end is the eyeliner and the other is a little angled brush to help you wing it out but I find that that doesn’t really work. But, honestly, if you’re looking for a no-smudge, all-day eyeliner, this is it. And it works for what I need, so I’m really pleased! Also there is a built in sharpener + that’s simply the bomb diggity.


• face masks •

• MEMEBOX review •

I bought…

this adorable sheep mask

this soothing dragon mask

this precious panda mask

this moisturizing otter mask.

My mom, sister, and I found these incredibly refreshing and soothing. The next day, I noticed that my skin looked dewy and very healthy after using the sheep mask. It was a subtle change, but appreciated and perfect for an inexpensive pamper!

• get 10% off your first order •

Click HERE and pamper yourself! The most expensive part is the shipping, but if you spend a certain amount, you’ll get that free and I promise you’ll enjoy what you purchase. MEMEBOX is perfect for Christmas, birthday, and just-because gifts!

For best results, enjoy with your mom, little sister, homemade apple pie, whipped cream, + the first viewing of ELF for the season.

IMG_20151113_191712580 • MEMEBOX review •

Love always,

Rana || xoxo

• love thyself •


“You’re so thin! Oh, my gosh. If I could look like you…”

“No, I’m not! Look at you! You’re gorgeous! I’d switch bodies with you in a heartbeat!”

• love thyself • || • The Gingerling •

It’s not right. It’s destructive to, not only ourselves, but also to the people around us. We teach ourselves and others that we must always consider another’s beauty to be the absence of our own. We teach each other that, to make someone else feel better about themselves, we must point out our own flaws.

That’s not true.

And it’s not helpful.

In loving yourself, you help others love themselves.

I realized this when I was speaking with a darling friend of mine. I had mentioned that I didn’t like my lips because my lower lip stuck out farther than my upper one. She told me her lips were the same, but she loved hers. And then it dawned upon me that… it’s okay to like the way you look. It’s not narcissistic. It’s not selfish. It’s self-love.

It’s okay to love something unique about yourself. It’s okay to love the way you look even if (especially if) you don’t look like everyone else.

In my friend loving herself – loving the things about her that I am insecure about in myself – I was able to love myself. I am able to love myself. To love the way I look.

• I love my lips. I love how full they are. I love the color.

• I love my hands and feet. My fingers are short, but they serve their purpose. My toes are sausage-like, but they do their thing well. I love my hands and feet because they are just so dang pretty!

• I love my eyes. I love the dual tone. The mutation. I love that my right eye has a brown spot in the blue. I love the asymmetrical beauty.

• I love my legs. There’s not much of them as I stand at 5′-nothing. But they’re supportive (I like puns and I suspect everyone does but for whatever reason, we have to pretend like we hate them…?).

• I love my body shape. It’s difficult to work with sometimes (you know those things everyone wears and it looks great, but you try it on and how did I end up looking like I just crawled out of the sewer system? I promise I’m human.), but I love it. I love that I have some meat on me.

• I love my hair. I love that the bottom half decided to turn blond for whatever reason (probably to give me a reason for the less-than-stellar remarks that slip out of my mouth). I love that I’m a ginger. I hope that I never go all blond or brown because I just can’t see myself as anything but a redhead.

• I love my eyebrows. They’re on-point frequently + always without makeup.

I don’t love myself all the time. That’s not to be expected. I don’t think anyone loves themselves all the time. That’s a part of being human. We’re not perfect. And we shouldn’t expect ourselves to be.

I think we confuse being cocky with being confident.

Don’t be cocky. Don’t overestimate yourself. Don’t walk around thinking you’re the best.

Be confident. Trust in the risks you’re taking. Know that you can always learn something and be better than who you were yesterday.

Love yourself genuinely because, in loving who you are and what you look like, you can help others to love themselves.

Peace out.

Rana || xoxo


• friday favorites on a wednesday •

This little post is to let you know that I’m not dead. I promise.

Every time I get a blog post idea, it’s at an inconvenient time and/or I feel that I’m not ready to write about it quite yet. I’m still figuring things out college + career-wise, so prayers in that area would be phenomenal. But I do want to write something, so I figured a favorites list is a safe play. Right?

Who doesn’t like browsing for quirky items and fun sweatshirts? Saves me from doing math anyway (speaking of which… I have a test today! I will be studying for that in a bit. I promise.).

So here we go.

Friday Favorites on a Wednesday

Because why not?

•                   •

• Mugs + General Drink-Ware because winter is coming which means the coffee + hot chocolate intake goes up exponentially •

A Writer Must Have Text Appeal

These 4 Fancy Teapots (esp. #3)

The Adventure Begins Mug

These perfect coffee mugs

• My owl mug from Marshall’s •

• friday favorites on a wednesday •

• Sweaters//Sweatshirts//You’ll-Never-Know-If-I’m-Fat-Look •

This grey asymmetrical sweater top is the bomb diggity

Gray Loose Batwing Sleeve Irregular Sweater (who comes up with these names?) •

This denim vested hoodie

• For the Face •

MEMEBOX (I actually ordered some stuff recently // I’ll let you know how I like it when it comes in) •

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner (this is what I use and, oh, I adore it) •

Covergirl Outlast All-Day Lip Color (I haven’t purchased this yet [too many colors], but a girl in my math class uses it and it does last all day)

• For the Soul •

• Jude 1:20 •

• “Another woman’s beauty is not the absence of your own.” •

• “Live less out of habit and more out of intent.” •

• “Spiritual death happens one compromise at a time. •

• “We must travel in the direction of our fear.” •

• T.V. Shows •

• Blue Bloods •

• White Collar *cries because it’s over* •

• M*A*S*H* •

• The Great Doctor (a.k.a. Faith) // ’tis a K-Drama which you can find on DramaFever •

• Music •

• TaeYang •


• EXO •

• SHINee •

• LuHan •

• U-Kiss •

• Super-Junior •

• Infinite •

• Jong Hyun •

• Taemin •

• Adele •

• Justin Beiber’s “What Do Ya Mean?” *c r y i n g because I thought I’d never like anything by him*

• Lovelikeviolence’s “Skeleton” •

• Jamie McDell’s “Moon Shines Red” •

• Things I’m Stoked For •

Mirriam Neal’s Paper Crowns

You have no idea how excited I am for this. No clue. None.

It’s like having coffee + Redbull + nervous energy and you can’t do a thing.

• Things I Wake For •

• Prayer + Making the world a better place // one day at a time •

• The Skimm

• K-Pop •

• School because I would have no life without it •

• Cute pictures (whenever my face and/or cat decides to cooperate) •

• Friday Favorites on a Wednesday •

• Books I love •

• Alice in Wonderland + Through the Looking Glass •

• Pride and Prejudice •

• The Silmarillion •

•                   •

Love always,