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These are just some of the areas in which we need to make decisions. But how do we make them? How do we know when they’re right?

A few years ago, I attended a Sunday service held by Sarah‘s dad, who is the pastor of her church. I stumbled upon my notes from his sermon and found so much truth in those words. We read 1 John 4 that day and I recommend you do as well. There is so much hope, truth, love, and words of advice in those few pages.

I’d like to share my notes from Mr. Wragg’s sermon and thank him again for speaking on this when he did.

• test the spirits •

>> Don’t believe every spirit. <<

>> Test the spirits to know if they are truly from God. <<

>> Do not be gullible + naive. <<

>> Be skeptical + stubbornly resistant of new “truths”. <<

>> Verify this new “truth” + weigh it out. <<

>> Study this new “truth” to make sure it aligns with the teachings of the Bible and Church. <<

>> Reject every idea that falls short of the Truth. <<

>> Abstain from every form of evil. <<

>> Know that false prophets will be very popular and influential. <<

>> Remember: Jesus, Peter, Paul, and John all said false prophets would come. <<

> How to know if a spirit is of God: <<


1) Is Jesus confessed/acknowledged?

2) Does this work present a greater sense of movement [toward Christ]?

3) Does this work/teaching give us a greater desire to be like Christ?

4) Does this idea/work give me a desire to be where Jesus is?

5) Does this message create within me a desire for the Word of Christ?

>> We need to be concerned with holiness; not wild, secular passions. <<

>> Jesus needs to be more regularly proclaimed. <<

//I feel like He is now. In such dark times as these, where Jesus is cast aside by this culture of death, we are made stronger by the temptations we say no to. We are made stronger by the grace of God. Embrace it, dear heart. And if you can’t, but want to want to, pray for the grace, as I do, to have the courage + wisdom + strength to accept His mercy and love.//

This life is short. The harmful and damaging things we enjoy now will pass away. But we never will. We are immortal by design. How do you want to spend eternity?

It’s a choice.

One we all must make.

One we do make with every decision.

I pray for the grace that we may have the courage, wisdom, and strength to make the right ones.

Love always,



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