• dual enrollment: what it is + why you should do it •

Once upon a time, I was a freshman in high school.

I hated life + I hated school.

But I repeat myself.

Ten to eleven hours a day was spent on getting school assignments done and just trying to stay on pace. I cried when my mother tore me away from my computer to take a break because I was terrified of getting behind. Breakfast, lunch, dinner – all my meals were eaten as I did schoolwork. Sleep was a thing of the past, the shadow of a memory; and the lack of it took form as the shadows beneath my bloodshot eyes.

But the summer after 9th grade, I took a course with the local college and thus began my journey as a dual (dually?) enrolled student.

I strongly support and encourage this method of learning for a few reasons.

• dual enrollment: what it is + why you should do it •

• What is it? •

Dual enrollment is the ability to take college courses while in high school in place of high school courses. These classes also count as your college credits once you graduate.

• Why do it? •

• Academically:

  • You are expected to put forth the same amount of effort and quality work as your college-level peers. It’s great college-prep + very effective. Once you are actually a college student, you’ll be leagues ahead of everyone else because you already know how to study and what’s expected.
  • You’ll be ahead of your peers once you graduate high school. They’ll be learning what you learned one, two, three years ago. (You’ll be able to help them out too which makes for a great friend + person.)
  • You’ll be academically superior to your high school peers, not to mention that your weighted GPA will shoot right up if you get good grades (oh, hello, Scholarship City!).

• Financially

  • $0.00 because you’re in high school.
  • Come on. You’re going to college for free! College credits for free!
  • I’m on track for receiving my Associates Degree by the time I graduate high school next semester. Two years of college done and that’s saved me $10,711.

• Personally:

  • Dual enrolling reignited my passion for learning. It’s something new.
  • High school assignments just seem like a waste of time for me. It’s so much busy-work and not enough learning.
  • I enjoy the atmosphere. You see and meet all types. I also find that the students and professors are generally accepting and friendly.
  • If you’re homeschooled like me, it’s an excuse to dress up a bit and look nice for a couple days out of the week.
  • If you’re an introvert like me, you’ll get just enough socialization in.
  • It’s a great place to people-watch.
  • It’s a great atmosphere for writers. Like I said, you meet all types with all different stories.
  • You’re playing on a different level. You’re expected to. And you learn to. It’s all preparation for the next level.

• Is Dual Enrollment For Me/My Child? •

  • If they excel in their high school courses.
  • If they are bored or frustrated with the courses/assignments.
  • If they complain about the work being too easy or just “busy work”.
  • If they are mature enough to spend time with people  who are 18+.
  • If they know where they stand on fundamental issues/beliefs.
  • If you want to save money.

I’d say give it a shot no matter what. There are really no downsides (aside from the usual “new situation” + “people”).

God bless + love always,





One thought on “• dual enrollment: what it is + why you should do it •

  1. Great points! I’m doing dual credit, but only two classes a semester (since that’s what the college allows for online dual credit classes). It’s definitely valuable, and while the classes are really hard… you’re going to have to take them anyway. I think if people can handle it, they should definitely do dual-credit.

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