• why you should write multiple genres •

Good morning, my wonderful writing buddies!

This one’s for you because I haven’t written a post about writing in  a g e s  which is absolutely shameful. But hey, that’s why I changed the blog name. I didn’t want to be limited in the topics I could write about. Incidentally, that’s what we’re going to discuss now!

• why you should write multiple genres •


It’s like drawing the same picture over and over or reading more than one type of fiction. If you limit yourself to just fantasy, that’s all you will know. If you read only non-fiction, you’ll have a hard time writing fiction. If you read only horror, you will only know how to write suspense.

Essentially, you can expand your skill + learn more about yourself + learn more about the world around you.

About four centuries years ago, I started writing seriously. Because of my love for fantasy (Lord of the Rings had absolutely no influence on that [/sarcasm]), I started with fantasy. That was too hard. So I cut the magical elements and just wrote a novel set in medieval times. Three or four drafts later, I got tired of that.

Cue dystopia (following my enjoyment of The Hunger Games series). One dystopian trilogy later, I shifted my focus to mystery/suspense (probably not very successful, but enjoyable all the same).

Finally, back to fantasy which is my current WIP, Falling Sky.

Each of these genres taught me something different about writing, my style/voice, plotting, modern mortuary practices, and myself. If you limit yourself to one genre, you’ll only learn about a fraction of yourself. Darling, you are far too wonderful and complicated to know only one facet of your being.

Expand your horizons.

Develop your talents.

Find your voice.

Explore new worlds.

The only way to do that is by constantly stretching your mind.

Don’t be afraid to revisit a theme or genre, but don’t limit yourself to it.

Writing is a calling. And I believe that we are led to write different things. Do what you feel led to do and go for it with your whole heart.

Love always,



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