clinging to summer

Happy Friday, darlings!

I know what you’re thinking. Rana. Summer. She’s clinging to it? Are you sick???? Fear not. This ginger tries her best to stay out of direct sunlight. I mean that I’m clinging to summer break. Because this is my senior year. My last year to stay home. I’m not ready for the new stage of life (or school in general). So I think it’s best if I could live in a land of eternal summer break.


This past week has gone fairly well. We’ve watched Leap Year and Decoy Bride, both of which I high recommend and laughed myself silly over. A dear friend of mine told me that Katie’s sense of humor (from Decoy Bride) reminded her of mine frequently. Amused? Highly. Comfortable with that? Not sure. And Amy Adams plays and adorably awkward, helpless, clumsy American romantic in Leap Year, so it’s essentially guaranteed hilarity.

Monday night…

…turned into alfredo sauce + pasta night. My brother (!) asked for the recipe and I told him it was a secret. Because I came up with a better recipe than last time and I’m not sure if I ought to release it yet… 😉

I decided that my dream is to own a company/restaurant called Luscious Noodles and I will sell alfredo sauce and/or delicious pastas. It will be the bomb diggity.

Alfredo Pasta | The Gingerling

Alfredo Pasta | The Gingerling

On Wednesday…

…we went to town, did some school shopping, thrift shopping at Clothes Mentor (I got an adorable floral dress), and craft shopping at Michael’s + Hobby Lobby! I have a million (read: 10) empty sampler tea tins from World Market and they were simply too cute to throw out.

So I did the natural thing: make candles out of them! Five are lavender scented and five are spiced pumpkin scented. We’re kind of huge into candles.

I guess you could call these… tea lights.

Candle-Making | The Gingerling Candle-Making | The Gingerling

Candle-Making | The Gingerling

Candle-Making | The Gingerling

Floral | The Gingerling Floral | The Gingerling


I made them dang candles (and a mess) as well as Chicken Cheddar Shells. Seriously, go to Publix, find the sample station, and grab that recipe + the Basil Pesto Salmon recipe – they are delicious! And yes. I’m a pasta fanatic. I know it’s not healthy, but life is short.

Chicken Cheddar Shells | The Gingerling


I made Fairy Bites; they taste like magic and hope. It might be because I used my Happy Unicorn Sprinkles… Either way, delicious and addictive.

Fairy Bites | The Gingerling

Fairy Bites | The Gingerling

Love always,



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