I’m a Happy Unicorn

Hello, darlings!

After a week of uncomfortable conversations (hint: college + figure your life out) and a multitude of tears, the week finally turned around for the better!

On Thursday, I got my hair cut (the layers have made a reappearance on this red head) and am quite pleased with it! I went to Studio G in Lehigh Acres. As per usual, I was told my head of hair was the best the stylist had ever had the pleasure of working on (soft, thick, long, shiny, ginger) and, of course, that alone made my day. Beyond that, Ms. Marisa took a chunk to experiment on. So I’m excited to see what my hair would look like dyed! Also, my hair smells like coconut and rainbows.

After that, my sister and I headed to a friend’s house where I was surprised with the gift of Happy Unicorn Sprinkles from Sweetapolita! This girl is a happy unicorn. ^_^

My brother picked us up later that night and we set off for home to watch the presidential debate. Did you see it? This nerd thoroughly enjoyed it! God really provided some great candidates when we need them most. (Update: Turns out that wasn’t the presidential debate; however, we did watch most of the republican candidates answer questions about what they’d do if they were president, their outlook on certain policies, and speak for 30 seconds about whatever their hearts desired.)

Now, yesterday. Yesterday was the bomb diggity, m’k? I saw Rachael’s sweet babies (twins are the bomb dot com), made vanilla cupcakes with marshmallow frosting, and drank a marshmallow milkshake. Oh, and pizza. Ate that, not drank.

We got a bunch of pictures at the Jones household and I’d like to share them with you; but first, I have to introduce you to the one and only Waffle Shake Addict. I’ve known her since we were two years old. She’s a witty fangirl who has an unhealthy obsession with milkshakes. But you can’t tell because she’s physically flawless.

I'm a Happy Unicorn

Now, on to the cuppy cakes!

We made simply perfect vanilla cupcakes with salted caramel in the middle + toasted marshmallow frosting. It was an ordeal. We labored intensely for multiple hours. But it was worth it because these were the best cupcakes I’d ever had.

I'm a Happy Unicorn

I'm a Happy Unicorn

Doesn’t it look like a belly button? Waffle Shake Addict told me, “No, Rana. Don’t say that.”

I'm a Happy Unicorn

I'm a Happy Unicorn

I'm a Happy Unicorn

Cute cupcake + salted caramel sauce. You can’t go wrong!

I'm a Happy Unicorn

I'm a Happy Unicorn

Chopsticks aren’t just for eating, you know. They’re also used for creating caramel pits of deliciousness.

I'm a Happy Unicorn

I'm a Happy Unicorn

OCD? Me? Not at all.

I'm a Happy Unicorn

Because I'm obviously Inspector Cupcake.

Because I’m obviously Inspector Cupcake.

I'm a Happy Unicorn

I don’t know who that hobo is behind me…


I'm a Happy Unicorn

Look at that gooey goodness!


I'm a Happy Unicorn

And we’re done!

Bonus pictures

I'm a Happy Unicorn

FullSizeRender (32)


Rana a.k.a. Stabbbbbbby the Thrandymellow Chunicorn


Thanks a million, Mrs. Jones! I had a blast and everything tasted amazing. ^_^

2 thoughts on “I’m a Happy Unicorn

  1. I’m so glad your last couple days have been SO fantastic!!!! ;D The cut is adorable, and, of course, the color rocks!

    THOSE CUPCAKES. WOW. So jealous — you guys are freaky talented!

    And we weren’t able to catch the debates when they actually came on, so Mom’s having us watch them today. We love the debates.
    I just hope the kittens won’t disrupt it.

    Liked by 1 person

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