Why I Really Don’t Care That Animals Are Hurting

Hello, friend (we’ll see if you can call me that by the end of this post 😉 )!

I was going through someone’s FaceBook page and they were posting all about animals, the environment, petitions to save the [insert animal here]… It kind of made me ill.

I know what this sounds like: I’m the reason we have dog meat festivals in China, why antelopes are dying, why entire species are going extinct, and why happy meals from McDonald’s are really not all that happy.

Yeah, I get it. Animals die. Dogs get beaten, burned, skinned alive. Cats get beheaded. Antelopes die and are therefore no longer able to frolic on their plains and feed a lion family.

And we are the reason that’s happening. Animals don’t do this to animals. People – humans – do this to animals. I am 100% aware of that.

And it’s sad. I’m 100% against this behavior because I know we are better than that.

But you know what? I kind of don’t care.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Priority = precedence?” Well, it’s one I’ve heard in debate a lot and I agree (in this context, at least).

I don’t care about the brutal treatment of animals because I see this happening to people.

Why I don't really care that animals are hurting

Sarah with her dog, Zoe, and yours truly.

In a day and age where everyone is offended by anything and everything, I realize I’m stepping on toes. If you’re not comfortable with that, then just step back and stop reading.

Why can’t people focus on people? Why are we not okay with dogs being burned alive, but we can turn a blind eye when the exact same thing happens to a human being?

I don’t get it.

To be human means we can act beyond instinct and think for ourselves. I don’t care about animals dying because we have bigger issues to deal with. We have crimes against humanity to deal with.

Did you hear the story about an abortionist who sells aborted baby parts to customers? Sick? I think so. Which issue merits more attention/hurt? Tearing babies apart or animals?

If we can’t love each other, what business do we have loving an animal?

It is far, far more important to love (in the most real sense of the word: sacrifice) one human being than it will ever be to love the entire animal kingdom.

Until we can solve our world-wide human-hate problem, I won’t pay much attention to the species going extinct.

Why I don't really care that animals are hurting | The Gingerling

I would totally give credit to whoever owns this, but I don’t know whose it is!

Humans have dignity and can think for themselves; animals don’t and can’t. You tell me which issue is more important.

When you can identify that, you know which priority merits precedence.

(In case you’re wondering, I do have a pet. Over the years, we’ve had multiple dogs, chicken, geese, cats, a turtle, and cows. I know what it’s like to be attached to a pet. I love my cat. She’s sleeping by my feet as I write this. When I was little, we hatched a baby chick with a twisted beak. I cried when it died because I wanted it to be comfortable and happy and alive.)

Bottom line: essentially, I find it difficult to put so much focus on animals when we are avoiding the very real problem that has to do with a lack of love toward human beings. Toward people.

I suppose we can’t put anything totally into perspective until it affects us.

And, just to be clear, I don’t mean disrespect toward animal-lovers. I completely respect them and I respect you and your views (whether I agree with them or not).

And now that my rant is over, I release you and your precious eyeballs from their voluntary bondage to my words.




19 thoughts on “Why I Really Don’t Care That Animals Are Hurting

  1. I totally get where you’re coming from. People are cruel and in some areas that is even encouraged. But I also care deeply about the creatures in our care that are also being hurt. Basically my views are like yours — people are smart. Everyone (animal and human alike) deserve protection and the ability to feel safe and loved. But humans are just so selfish and cold-hearted that it just /doesn’t happen/. It’s vile, disgusting, and downright hideous. What’s really freaky is that this has been prophesied in the Bible. It’s like, “Are we here /already/?”
    (And we were actually just talking about how easily society gets offended. They get offended over things they shouldn’t and things that are truly offensive don’t bother them. My sister says she’s moving out of this world. You didn’t offend me in any way. I agree with you).

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    • Same. It’s hard for me to empathize with a lot of people because their priorities are not in the right order and they complain about the splinter in their finger when the cancer is taking over the rest of their bodies. That doesn’t just apply to animal lovers, but extends to families, lifestyles, etc. V_V It’s quite sad.


  2. So it’s 12 am and I have a bunch of thoughts about this but I can’t scramble up a good outline, so here’s a thought dump. 😉
    1- Caring for animal welfare and caring for humanity’s welfare aren’t mutually exclusive ideas. You can be passionate about protecting animals and outraged at the horrific things happening to people at the same time.
    2- Saying that you don’t care about horrible things happening to animals because the same thing happens to people is illogical. People deserve priority, yes, but that doesn’t mean animals should be ignored. Cruelty is cruelty, no matter the victim.
    3- The root cause is the same. Humans are murdered and tortured and animals are treated horribly because people no longer respect life. It’s irrational to try to pick apart the symptoms instead of addressing the root cause.
    So basically, I agree with the premise that people deserve priority. But the priority we place on human life doesn’t exclude the emphasis we must have on respecting /all/ life. To say that you don’t care that animals are hurting because people are hurting too is choosing when you’re going to fight cruelty, instead of condemning cruelty altogether.
    (Hopefully this made sense, lol xD)

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    • Hey! Thanks for the thoughts! And happy birthday. 😉

      1) I never said that it was mutually exclusive. I did point out that cruelty to both is not okay and I’m not okay with it.

      2) I should have made it clear that one can care about both issues; but the point of the post was to say that, personally, I find it sickening that people put so much emphasis on animals and ignore the human problems. Thus, my logic still stands. 😉

      Essentially, I don’t approve of cruelty; but like I said to Rachel, I find it difficult to empathize with people who prioritize the splinter and ignore the cancer.


      • 1- The title of the post is ‘Why I Really Don’t Care That Animals Are Hurting,’ which was repeated several times throughout the post. That /is/ pushing the issue into the box of mutual exclusivity.
        2- Tbh, that point was unclear. Maybe I missed it because I read this at 12 am 😉
        3- The root issue of cruelty, to humans and animals, is about the lack of respect for life. Saying you don’t care that animals are suffering because people are also suffering (and they deserve priority) is illogical. The fact that there are big issues as well as smaller issues doesn’t negate the fact that there /are/ smaller issues and they also deserve attention.

        Basically, we agree on the premise that people deserve priority. But prioritizing something does not and should never mean apathy towards smaller, but nevertheless legitimate, issues.

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        • The point still stands that I wasn’t saying, “value one or the other.” The post was focusing more on the point that some people push the wrong subject. When people push certain not-as-important-subjects to the point where it seems to be valued more than the real issue, it gets annoying and I kind of stop caring.

          Never once did I say that I think animals //should// be mistreated. 🙂

          I agree that the root issue is lack of respect for life; again, my point was that people should focus on the cancer even if that means ignoring the splinter for a little while.


  3. I would never accuse you of being a proponent of animal abuse, I know you too well. 😉
    But two points still stand-
    1- You should /always/ care when suffering is inflicted, whether it be on people or animals. Apathy should never be the allowable norm.
    2- Prioritizing people should never mean ignoring animals. You don’t have to ignore smaller problems while dealing with larger ones.

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    • Hahah! Good! “Rana: the 5-foot-nothing animal hater” doesn’t have a ring to it. 😛

      I totally agree that, in an ideal world, we should always care and do something about it. But that’s not always realistic, unfortunately. :/

      Ideally, that’s true. But it seems that the animal activists ignore the human problems and that’s what bothers me.


      • 1- That argument is completely non-unique. Until the Lord returns, there will /never/ be a day in which people all love each other. Does that mean we stop trying to stop people from committing murder? I hope not. Even though it’s not an ideal world, we should never be apathetic towards suffering, whether the sufferer is human or animal.
        2- Mutual exclusivity is never ok. It’s never ok to pick and choose what cruelty you’ll be outraged at, whether you’re ignoring humans or animals.

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        • This is all true. But I feel like I need to bring this back to the simple idea of the post: I’m bothered that people focus on animal cruelty and ignore the human-to-human cruelty. 🙂 This wasn’t about me saying we need to ignore the animals but just that they are not as big a priority as people and for someone to focus on animals and totally eschew the human factor… well, that’s wrong to me.

          And I think it happens to us all – you hear something enough times and it sort of loses its importance. “Save the polar bears” has little to no weight in my mind anymore because that’s not as big an issue as “save the humans” and also because it’s been heard too many times. So, essentially, priority = precedence to me. Until we can help each other, helping animals isn’t really doing anything.

          Haha! [thus endeth my epic/]


  4. If that’s the point of your post, then it was lost amidst all the “I don’t care that animals are hurting.” Being bothered about people making these issues into a mutually exclusive one doesn’t justify apathy towards a smaller, but nevertheless legitimate, issue. Essentially, in response to a mutually exclusive viewpoint, you’ve created another mutually exclusive viewpoint. Both extremes are damaging.

    “Until we can help each other, helping animals isn’t really doing anything.” Cruelty against animals stems from the same cause as cruelty against humans, we’ve agreed on that. So completely ignoring one symptom to focus on another symptom a) ignores the root cause, and 2) doesn’t even begin to solve the problem.

    Basically, my thoughts revolve around two points: first, that prioritizing people doesn’t justify ignoring animals, and second, being apathetic towards cruelty is /never/ ok.

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    • Your first point that my viewpoint ignores the root cause is false. My entire viewpoint centers around the root cause: people. And, second, to solve the problem, we should focus on people; not animals. These aren’t symptoms either. They’re effects of a lack of compassion toward each other. My point still stands that focusing on animals and ignoring people isn’t beneficial for anything really.

      Also, I never implied that prioritizing people justified hurting animals. 😉

      My flaw is that, yes, I can be apathetic toward animal suffering.

      But I’m not convinced that my viewpoint is mutually exclusive. It’s merely going to the root cause and saying, “we should solve that issue first because it’s more important.”


      • Before I jump into my ideas, understand this: people are, and should always be, first priority. That we agree on. But there are ranks, so to speak. People come first, but animals (though ranked lower) also require protection. With that said, here are a few thoughts-
        1- We’ve agreed that the root cause is lack of respect for life. Cruelty towards humans and animals are two different symptoms of that root cause. Addressing cruelty towards humans and ignoring cruelty towards animals /is/ ignoring the root cause. (Also, to clarify, I’m not advocating a mutually exclusive viewpoint that centers entirely on animals. I never have. My entire position has been that the two extremes of this issue are damaging, and there is a balance to be found.)
        2- Apathy should never be a norm, ever. We should never, ever /not care/ about the victims of cruelty and suffering.
        3- Your entire post advocated mutual exclusivity. With the title, and the repeated statements that you “don’t care that animals are hurting.”
        4- We don’t live in an ideal world. Cruelty directed at other humans will never be solved until Jesus comes back. If we ignore animals completely until that unachievable aim is achieved, we will never even attempt to remedy cruelty towards animals. Going along with the health analogy, it would be like ignoring an infection because you’re trying to slow the spread of incurable cancer. Both the cancer and the infection must be fought, neither one can be ignored.

        So with that said, let me flesh out my basic viewpoint, just for clarity’s sake.
        1- The root cause (lack of respect for life) is not addressed by ignoring animals and focusing entirely on human behavior towards other humans. It’s addressed by looking at /all/ human behavior, towards /all/ creatures.
        2- Mutually exclusive positions cause damage. Focusing entirely on animals or entirely on humans ignores the root cause and attempts to remedy the symptom (cruelty) without first instilling a respect for life.
        3- Apathy should never be tolerated. It’s never ok to not care about suffering.

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        • Ha ha! I feel like we keep going back to the same points. We pretty much agree though. 😉

          All life should be protected everywhere. Apathy should never be the norm. Mutual exclusivity is damaging on both sides. But from the human perspective, it’s less damaging because people matter more.

          I guess my final thoughts would be these:
          1) I’m fed up with people focusing too much on animals and ignoring people. It doesn’t matter that much to me when we have bigger issues to deal with (not that I would ever advocate for animal abuse). Apathy? Maybe so.
          2) The root cause, being lack of respect for life, would, in my opinion, be solved by people trying to love people. So, yes. I’m okay with ignoring animals for a time.

          Thanks for making me think. ^_^


  5. I think we agree on the base premise, but not on the solution to the problem. Essentially, the main responses I have are a) apathy should never be tolerated, ever, and b) the root cause isn’t solved by focusing on humans and completely ignoring animals. The root cause is solved by addressing the actual problem: a lack of respect for life.
    Tbh, this is kind of a touchy issue with me. I’m a lot more empathetic towards those who can’t stand up for themselves, like children, the mentally ill, disabled people, and animals. I just tend to be very protective. Ignoring animals and not caring about animal cruelty bothers me because it’s directing apathy towards creatures that are (mostly) defenseless against abuse. As humans and (especially) as Christians, that should bother us. We should never be apathetic towards the suffering of the defenseless, of the abused.

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  6. This is excellent…! I agree with you so much on so many levels. I mean, I LOVE my cat. I LOVE her, but that doesn’t mean I love her more than humans or hold her above a human life.

    Human life has intrinsic, priceless value because we are created in the image of Christ! Human beings have souls! It says a lot (sadly) about a society that cares more for the life of an animal than for a human being.

    Keep shining that light!

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