The Boss’ Daughter

That’s me, by the way. Hi. *waves*

Daughter o’ the boss. My dad owns two jobs.

Being the daughter of someone who owns two businesses has its pros and cons. Last Saturday, the cons kind of kicked in.

I’m 17 and a half. I’ve worked inconsistently in our small grocery store for about 7 years. Now, I’m working 4 days a week, putting in between 16 and 20 hours (it’s like having a real job without the commitment – that aspect is nice) for below the minimum wage – which I’m pretty cool with. I mean, I can skip a day here and there if I want without being fired – heck, I //can’t// get fired! 😛

But, you know, I’m still getting paid.

Oh, and the cashiers can’t be jerks to me. 😉

There are cons though and let me list them out for you because I have “nothing” to do on a Wednesday afternoon and I wanted to write a blog post and it’s always easier to complain:

>>> I’m 17. People can start working at 16. They start at the register. I’m just now being able to run it because, since I was 10, I was fronting, stocking, cleaning, wrapping and doing whatever needed to be done. But a manager freaked out because I was running the register and made me look like an idiot in front of the customers by saying, “she’s just trying to help.”


Because I’m the boss’ daughter, I’m incompetent and the only reason I’m working is because I have special privileges. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have the ability to do a thing. Uh huh.

And, not to pat myself on the back or anything (and those of you who know me know that I don’t make myself out to be anything better than I am – I’m the flipping definition of humility and modesty *polishes nails and requests a manservant to bring me my sippy cup*), but I’m one of the most hard working and efficient people in that store.

>>> I’m not taken seriously. I’m just cute and do a good job and am the extra body. Just have her check dates. Because helping tray and wrap produce is beyond my mental and physical capacity. *rolls eyes*

>>> Learning anything new means that I have the potential to do your job better than you can do it yourself. So giveIn what language does homeschooled translate to ignorant? her a lollipop and keep her quiet.

>>> She’s home schooled. Don’t talk to her about anything important. One of the cashiers literally asked me if I thought boys were cute. Dude.

I learn at home (and currently have more common sense and common knowledge than you do). That doesn’t mean I’m blind.

And it doesn’t mean I’m ignorant. I know what getting high means; I know you snort cocaine; I know what sex is; I can appreciate physical appearances.

Don’t call me “innocent” if you don’t know who I am or what goes on in my head.

I’m aware but that doesn’t mean I do everything I’m aware of (because I’m not an idiot and can think for myself, thank you very much).

Don’t objectify me.

>>> She’s the extra body. Give her the unpleasant jobs.

>>> She’s the boss’ daughter. He likes to see her work hard. Give her the job I didn’t want to do.

>>> She’s the boss’ daughter. Don’t give her anything that would make me look like a jerk.

>>> She’s the boss’ daughter. “Could you help me with this?”


On behalf of all offspring of business owners, I beg the rest of you to treat us like everyone else. Be nice; be patient; we want to learn what you do because it feels so limiting to know only this much for 7 years; we are the boss’ children and we are human too.

We are the boss’ children and we have feelings too.

EDIT: Not //all// the people I work with are idiots. 🙂 I get along with them for the most part. But some (okay, one or two) just can’t get past the fact that homeschoolers don’t always conform to the stereotypes. I like the people I work with (most of the time – we all have off-days. 😉 ).

God bless!



One thought on “The Boss’ Daughter

  1. I hope you know you’re adorable. XD And yes, it’s always easier to complain. It shouldn’t be as fun as it is.
    “and those of you who know me know that I don’t make myself out to be anything better than I am – I’m the flipping definition of humility and modesty polishes nails and requests a manservant to bring me my sippy cup.” I LOVED this. XD
    What kind of /idiots/ do you work with? That’s my opinion.

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