Old Beginnings

Good afternoon, friends!

I need help. I’m not liking “The Villain Authoress” as my blog name anymore for a few reasons:

  1. My posts deal with more than just writing. I’d like to leave a little more room for post content without readers looking at them through a writing sort of lens.
  2. I’d like something that can grow up with me (I’d come up with this tag when I was maybe 13 or 14? I’m 17 now and things have changed as they tend to do).
  3. I’d like a URL that captures more of my personality, so when you click onto this blog, you feel as if you’re stopping by to chat with an old friend, not read a post written by some obscure fairy of the cosmos.

Since I write for you to read, I’d like your opinion. Below is a poll and if you wouldn’t mind choosing your favorites, I’d appreciate it. 😉 Suggestions are also welcome.

(You can choose up to 3 options. 😉 )

Meanings behind the names:

1. livingintheshade.wordpress.com

2. everything-under-the-shade.wordpress.com — 1 and 2 are essentially a play on “everything under the sun” but, as a homeschooling redhead, I don’t do “sun.” 😛

3. theskepticeclectic.wordpress.com — I’m quite the skeptic and have many interests.

4. musings-of-a-ginger.wordpress.com — *points to hair* I think this is pretty self-explanatory.

5. legally-ginger.wordpress.com — *twists lock of red hair* This too. And I think there’s a movie called “Legally Blonde,” but I’ve never seen it. Is it okay to do a play on that…?

6. lostinwonderland.wordpress.com — Kind of whimsical and I like that.

7. myfavoriteflavorismore.wordpress.com — I try to do new things, so this can refer to food or life in general!

God bless!



4 thoughts on “Old Beginnings

  1. Ooh, great titles! Right now I have two blogs, a writing blog and a life blog. My life blog is called Proverbs31teen… but in a few years I won’t be a teen anymore. 😦 But instead of renaming it, I’m considering passing it on to a younger friend or something, which would be super awesome. 😀 But we’ll see…

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