I Don’t Support Komen for the Cure & Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Either

Hello, lovely!

You probably don’t know this about me, but I was named after an aunt who died three months before I was born of breast cancer. I know a few people who have struggled with cancer. So this blog post is written, not to not show respect to those fighting this battle, but instead to inform you as to why I won’t support Komen for the Cure and urge you to not support them either.

Below is a list of highlights from different sources and, instead of rewriting it all, I decided to make a list.

Essentially what this article (and many others) says is:

> Only about 20% of donations goes to “research” (and not even all of that goes to research).
> Only 11% of total revenue goes to researching to find a cure.
> $171,635,612.16 spent in advertisement.
> “…over half their money toward promoting awareness and screening, for early detection of breast cancer. It’s not curing breast cancer to be aware that you could get it, nor is finding out that you have cancer and treating it in the early stages in hopes of entering into remission. That’s not a cure. Yet that is Komen’s largest promoted focus.” – Source
> Komen for the Cure’s largest sponsors are the organizations that profit from cancer through radiation and chemotherapy.
>At the 1998 Food and Drug Administration hearings, the Komen Foundation was the only national breast cancer group to endorse the AstraZeneca cancer treatment drug tamoxifen as a prevention device for healthy but high-risk women, despite vehement opposition by most other breast cancer groups because of its links to uterine cancer.” – Source
> They spend nearly a million dollars annually suing companies that use the word “cure” in their charity endeavors.(They threatened to shut down a small lung cancer organization for the use of the word “cure” in their name.) They’re essentially bullies.
> They pay to put their label on a bunch of stuff (like KFC buckets of fried chicken, cupcakes, perfumes that actually cause cancer, etc. – Regarding the cupcakes and KFC buckets, sugar causes cancer. So they put their label on it. Sounds counterproductive to me.).
> They heavily support Planned Parenthood (which distributes birth control pills which can increase the risk of getting breast cancer) and also kills people. So they support an organization that harms life and causes cancer – both of which they claim to be opposed to.
> In the end, for every dollar you spend donating to Komen for the Cure, only about a dime actually goes to research which could help develop a cure for cancer. Or it could not. And a so-called non-profit organization that is supposed to find a cure for cancer, is actually counterproductive and hasn’t shown that they value human life.
Those are the highlights.
So will you still support Komen for the Cure or has this information changed your perspective on this organization?
God bless and stay strong!
You might want to check up on some alternatives to supporting KftC. A quick Google search brought me here.

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