Is it just me or are little kids terrifying?

Hey there!

This morning, I had to play substitute teacher to a group of kindergartners before Church (because that’s when the little ones have CCD/Sunday School).

Can I just say that little kids are terrifying?

I think it’s sort of similar to that mutual fear that humans share with, you know, spiders. “They’re just as afraid of you as you are of them.”

Not sure what it is, but kids don’t like me.

Get this. There’s this little girl. She’s the cutest thing with blond/white curls (these are the curliest curls you’ve ever seen) and she’s super outgoing. She walks up to my sister and tells her she loves her and she’s only seen her once or twice before.

I smile at her and ask if she loves me.

Her response? “Um, no.”

This was several months ago.

Thursday, we stop by an elementary school for whatever reason. And it might be because I’ve been home schooled for the last seven years – I don’t know – but I walked into the cafeteria and it was one of the most horrifying moments of my life. These little humans just stop what they’re doing and watch us walk through their lunch room with these large eyes that sort of seem to want to suck your soul away. I try to smile, right? I don’t think I got one back.

Friday night, I go to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. My baby cousin (whose birthday we were not celebrating) sort of just shooed me away and screeched like a pterodactyl when I asked for a hug.

Whenever I try to hold babies, they start crying.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there something inherently scary about a 4’11″/5′ ginger? I- I don’t know. I’m so confused. My life is so awkward. Like, what am I supposed to say to the parents? “I promise I wasn’t doing anything! They just started screaming! Why was I holding my arms out? Well, it wasn’t to kidnap or strangle them.”

I guess I should just look at cute kids and babies from afar. But that makes me a creeper. Oh, well. Whatever works, right?

God bless!



Guess what I get to do all day tomorrow? Yep. Babysit the cute one who shooed me away while her baby brother is being born. 😛 So prayers for my aunt would be appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Is it just me or are little kids terrifying?

  1. The minds of children are definitely not easy for adults an teens to understand. Sometimes they love you sometimes they hate you and there is no real reason for either reaction. Generally I have found that kids like me (I always figured because I was mentally relatable to them. 😉 ) but a few just won’t go near me and stare at me like I’m the devil. It’s n

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