You Want Net Neutrality and Here’s Why

Good evening, darling!

This is just going to be a quick post on the problems with the government trying to censor the internet.

What is net neutrality?

Essentially, it’s free speech online.

Why do I want it?

Because it’s cheaper, wrong to censor free citizens, and your right to not get blocked or slowed down by tyrannical companies with too much power.

A lack of net neutrality is unconstitutional.

As Americans, we’re guaranteed the right to freedom of speech. Check the Bill of Rights, First Amendment. No one has the right to put my speech on a slow lane or block my voice. And that’s what would happen if there were to be a lack of net neutrality. Fast and slow internet lanes and a higher internet price. Check this out from Save the Internet:

The January 2014 court decision has destroyed protections that keep the Internet open and safeguards its users’ privacy and individual choice.
ISPs like AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon want to take the worst aspects of the cable TV system and impose them on the Internet.
Expect Internet blackouts that extend far beyond the popular content vendors as smaller websites are caught in the crossfire. Tweets, emails and texts will be mysteriously delayed or dropped. Videos will load slowly, if at all. Websites will work fine one minute, and time out another. Your ISP will claim it’s not their fault, and you’ll have no idea who is to blame. You also won’t be able to vote with your feet and wallet, as there’s no competition in broadband, and all ISPs will be playing this game.
ISPs hate the idea that they’re nothing more than providers of “dumb pipes,” or connections that simply carry our traffic. Now that they’re free from any legal restraints, the ISPs will try to get Internet companies to pay tolls and threaten to block or delay them if they don’t. Exclusive deals could become the norm, with AT&T exclusively bringing you Netflix or Time Warner Cable as the sole source for YouTube.

A government’s purpose is to protect its citizens’ lives, liberties, and their pursuit of happiness.

It’s gone waaaaaay beyond that and this is terrifying. “The more laws, the less justice.” I think Aristotle said that. If we give the government the power to give power to larger companies to silence whomever they wish (did you follow that?), we’ve basically signed our own death sentence as a country.

Basically, big companies will have to power to discriminate against whomever they wish online and ensure that those websites run very slowly.

I’m not a genius and I don’t explain stuff very well, so check this out for quick, concise answers and support net neutrality.

God bless!



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