Hope Didn’t Go Anywhere

M’k. First off, I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m shocked by how many people commented on the last post in regards to my feeling hopeless. A lot of you don’t know me and yet you still care. You cared enough to take the time to write out long comments. I’m so blessed. ❤

I can’t say I’m magically all better, but my heart feels a bit lighter. Some of you said you felt the same way and you’ve got no idea how much better that makes me feel.

Not Alone by RED is probably the theme for this post and life. ❤

The Grey by Icon for Hire is probably the off and on theme for my life. 😛

But seriously. Hope was always there and I knew it but couldn’t see it. It’s in each and every one of you guys that I’m so blessed to know exist. Just by being alive and telling me it will be okay and backing that up with Truth is phenomenal. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I really can’t say that enough. Please, continue to pray for me since the struggles aren’t over and you bet you’re in my prayers as well. 🙂

A lot of the problem is just that I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with my life. I know that whatever is supposed to happen, will. I need to work on trusting and believing. Not as easy as it sounds. xD Life isn’t a Disney movie. If it were, I’d make friends with faeries and be flying around to hug you all. ❤

I love you all so dearly. Thank you. 🙂

Hope never leftGod bless. ❤



2 thoughts on “Hope Didn’t Go Anywhere

  1. You’d make a very good fairy. 😉 Rana, really — you’re amazing and we love you so much! ;D Someday I’ll get to talk to you for realz and it will be very happy. sends huge virtual hug and lots of marshmallows and chocolate Feel better, and I’m definitely praying! You’re in my thoughts, bella!


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