Chatterbox: Water

In case you’re still in the dark about what the chatterbox is, take a look. ^_^ I apologize for the roughness of my writing. I’ve been out of it. :/

My body froze when I saw hers, pale and shimmering beneath the clear waves. I reeled, taking a few steps back. My lungs grew thick inside my chest. I looked again.

Her skin was white as the moon on a black night. And just as radiant.

As I watched, her eyes opened. Startled, I staggered backward. She’d been under for too long. She couldn’t be alive. I knelt on the muddy banks and reached out my hand.

“Come to me,” she whispered. I’d never heard that tone in my wife’s voice before. The words were almost hissed, forceful, laced with a dark sort of edge. I raked my hands through my hair. Sweat trickled down my face like rain.

Come to me.

I heard the words like an echo in my mind.

She moved toward the surface. Excitement rose within me. She was coming back! I reached out once more and, just before she took my hand, rain began to pour from the heavens. The first drop shattered her porcelain image. A shriek rose from her lips and I sat up, opening my eyes, drenched.

I glanced over at the lazy river. Her body wasn’t there. A bolt of lightening across the sky revealed only muddy, murky water.

Again. I’d come back again.

Water had taken her life and saved my own. I spat.

“Blasted rain.”

Eeeeeeeah, so there. xD

I hope y’all have a lovely day. 🙂

God bless!



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