Regionals in Georgia

Quick update: My computer, which I just got back, wasn’t fixed fully. So it needs to go back to the shop. Yay. Second, I had a total BLAST up in Savannah, GA for the Regionals NCFCA speech and debate tournament. I’m pumped for next year. 😉 Below are some pix and following that is a link to watch an amazing speech. 🙂

Let me just say really quick that NCFCA is an amazing organization. Look into it. I’m so blessed and honored to have been able to compete with all of these amazing people. What’s awesome is that all of these kids do it to glorify God. And they’re not preachy about it. Furthermore, they’re all kids in suits and, no matter how professional they act in the rounds, they’re still kids and it shows outside of the rounds. It’s fantastic.

If you look up the word “awkward” in the dictionary, this picture will show up.

My face. It’s just screaming one word: help.

My bestie and I made it! A 6.5 hour ride with a 6 year old with all three of us in the back seat is no easy feat. But we made it.

So much awesome in one photo. Oh, look! There’s me too!

Yeah, “help” is definitely the word my face is screaming…

Awww! We make debate look fun AND easy! This was my worst round though. :/

And the after-party. Wow, the crazy is showing on my face. And my friend’s. And my other friend’s.

That is the sanest picture after the tournament.

M’k. Let me just say something here. NCFCA is amazing. The tall guy behind me performed (with Tristin who is not in the picture but made it to Nationals in LD debate) the BEST duo I’ve ever seen. Ever. He also looks like a chaperon. Because heaven knows we all need one.

And with that, I’ll conclude with a link to watch the best duo I’ve ever seen! 😀 It’s also going to NATIONALS!!! They totally deserve it. 😀

God bless!



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