I Was Tagged and Shot!

Not surprising since I don’t run or work out or anything…

The lovely Lisa tagged me in her blog post and now I suppose I’m obligated to oblige and throw out the answers to the following questions. Wheeeeeeee! Here y’all go and I hope you enjoy! 😀

Following the questions are a few “awkward family photos” taken with (possibly, maybe — not sure yet. We stayed up ’till 3:00 yesterday/this morning and it’s almost 11:00 now, so we’ll see how this goes) and by my bestie, Sara! Enjoy!

1. What are your top five favorite novels?

Why do you do this to me? *groans* Well… for starters: anything by Mirriam Neal (Paper Crowns, Paper Hearts, This Mortal Coil, The Shadows Fall, Accesso, Disconnect, everything!), The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien and The Children of Hurin, also by J.R.R. Tolkien, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’ll stop now since I named a ton of Mirriam’s stuff. xD

2. What style do you enjoy writing in the most?

Styles vary from writer to writer. I wasn’t aware there were names/categories for them…

3. Whose writing to you admire the most?

I admire many authors, and they’re all very different. I admire Mirriam’s a lot and also Sara’s.

4. What is the thing that prevents you most from writing?

Me. Me and school and people and life.

5. What is your favorite WIP?  

Well, I have a lot. I’ve kind of put everything on hiatus for a while since I’ve got he Block, but I’ve started editing The Reset. I love that novel. ❤

6. What is your nickname?

…My first name consists of four letters. But, you know, people will shorten it if they can. Some have called me “Ran (pronounced like ‘wren’).” My bestie has dubbed me “Dana (that resulted from a typo)” and “Chewy (think Chewbaca — don’t know how that started).” Random people also call me “Red” or “Ginger.” How creative.

7. How many siblings do you have?

Two. An older brother and a younger sister.

8. If you could visit anywhere, where would you visit?

If we’re choosing from this dimension and reality, then I would say the British Isles. I would be content to land anywhere in that region. <– Mirriam’s answer sums it up for me.

9. How many writing blogs do you follow?

A few.

10.  If you had to choose between Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston, who would you pick?

Don’t objectify them; however, if I had to choose, I’d probably go with Tom Hiddleston. I do admire Benedict Cumberbatch, but here are my reasons for choosing the latter of the two options.

One: Tom seems like more of a polite guy. Benedict is a classy gentleman, but Martin Freeman (oh, that King of Sass) has rubbed off on him, causing him to swear a lot. I’m not overtly sensitive to curse words, but I try to stay away from them.

Two: Tom seems like he’d respect me just because I’m a person. I’m not saying Benedict won’t, but Tom just seems more likely to give people the time of day.

Three: He seems so sweet and I’d like the opportunity to let him know I appreciate his standing up for classiness, respect for women and men alike, and just his respectable, thoughtful, humble, and hopeful outlook on life.

Well, that’s that. Now here’s some pix.


Hey, it’s Sara and her dog, Zoe.




I think I look like this a lot. I’m a confused person.







Okay, so some weren’t so awkward. But those are my favorites of me. I’ll leave my bestie out. She thinks I love her dogs. I’m more of a cat person. I don’t mind dogs as long as they’re hot, don’t stink, don’t lick back, don’t make noise, and are dead. Or, you know, at a distance. I can stand dogs if they’re old and well-behaved. I don’t like them licking me and stuff. *cringes*

God bless and goodnight!



Is it a bad idea to watch Signs before you go to sleep?

5 thoughts on “I Was Tagged and Shot!

    • IT WAS AMAZING. My friend made it out to be almost like a horror movie, but then she said it wasn’t. All she said was “FINGERS” and I thought that there were more fingers and scary parts, but it wasn’t scary at all. xD


  1. I saw the ‘got shot’ piece of the title in my inbox, and I nearly freaked because I was convinced you’d actually gotten shot, like, with a gun. *headdesk* I had to calm myself before I died of terror and worry. XD
    ‘The Block’. Very apt. XD NICE answers to the questions! And those pics are GORGEOUS.

    Liked by 1 person

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