Interview with January | Round 4

Well, folks! It looks like this is going to be the last round for January!

If you have any more, I can always do a miscellaneous sort of post and tag on the stragglers. 😉

Also, before we begin, I’d like to just say Happy Valentine’s Day. Today isn’t just about loving your OTP or binge-ing on chocolate. It’s the feast-day of Saint Valentine, a martyr, canonized by the Catholic Church. For some facts about this saint, click here.

Remember, too, that you can never be happy with someone else until you learn to be happy on your own. So happy appreciate-yourself-day to everyone. ^_^

Now onto the round:

1)      Favorite villain? (Loki…? XD)

For you, yes. Loki is pretty cool. *kisses your forehead*

2) What would you do if you discovered that many of us are obsessed with you?
            Oh, puh-lease. I already know it. 😉

Alias: Don’t encourage him. His head is almost too big for his top hat.

Is that some corny phrase? O_o

Alias: …maybe.

Well, don’t do it again. It sounds weird.

3)      Do you like the snow?

Yep! My goal this year is to make an army of mini-snowmen and position them outside of Stone Cross on the porch. Slowly, all the silverware will disappear from the house and reappear as the snowmen’s hands.

Alias: *screeches from backstage* WHAT?!

Shhh! Don’t tell!

4)      If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
            I would either control minds or give myself the energy to do things like fold my clothes.

Alias: I wish you had that superpower too! The latter one, I mean.

5)      What would you do if you could control minds?

Hah! Great minds think alike. 😉 I would like to say I’d have everyone love each other. No more wars, killings, etc.

6)      What would you do if you were invisible for a day?
            I would stalk Alias like a creeper.

Alias: You already do that, sweetheart.

They don’t need to know that! *crosses arms and pouts*

7)      What lies within the deepest, darkest corner of your heart?

…I don’t know. It’s not a place I like to frequent.


            I already know it’s not like yours! I ain’t got cobwebs on my soul! No, ma’am!



9)      Do you like math?

…I don’t know. I think if it’s practical, learn it. But if it’s just memorizing stuff you’re never going to use, don’t waste your time.

10)  When you’re supposed to be doing something, what’s the best excuse you have to procrastinate?

Oh, good question. Hm… I don’t have a set excuse for every time. I just sort of make one up on the spot. 😉

11)  What do you do when you’re bored?

I like to eat when I’m bored though it is gluttonous and that gluttony isn’t attractive.

12)  What do you do to bother Alias?

Anything and everything.

13)  Do you prefer thinking on your feet or mulling things over?

I prefer to mull things over, though I am good at thinking on my feet. Mulling things over allow me to look at a certain thing from different perspectives.

14)  Are you proficient in computer stuff? If not, I feel ya. 😛

I’ve never used a computer in my life! So, probably not. J

15)  If you had to get a job, what would you do?

Oh, I don’t know. I might work sign up for a job on a ship or something. Load cargo, something like that.

EDIT: Actually, I’d like to be a waiter in a restaurant. Or deliver pizzas or something.

16)  Do you ever gain weight with all your eating habits? XD

Not really. *sheepish grin* But I’m pretty active, so…

Alias: No, you’re not. You just fidget. A lot. And you only go walking to get food. You just have great metabolism, is all.

17)  Have you ever worn makeup?

I don’t think so. But if I did, I’d probably go for guyliner.


I swear. Alias is like a flipping MOM. -_-

18)  Favorite time of day?

I’m a morning person.

19)  If you could interview anyone/spend a day with anyone you have not yet met, who would it be?

Is “you” a viable answer?

20)  Describe Alias to us.

What do you mean? Personality? Physical appearance? Well, I’ll describe her personality then give you a picture. She’s quiet and gentle, but she’s commanding and bossy too. There’s something about her that you get the feeling she’s a lot more than what she looks like and she’s not a superficial type of person either.

21)  Sunrise or sunset?


22)  Favorite musical?

Erm… I don’t do musicals much. So I don’t know.

23)  Favorite Marvel character? ;D


24)  Superman or Batman?

Why is this even a question?! Batman!

25)  Do you like butterscotch candies?

A bit.

EDIT: I prefer Yorks. 😉

26)  Do you sing? If so, what stuff do you like to belt out?

Sometimes. Eh, whatever comes to mind.

27)  What’s your favorite thing about Alias?

I can’t just say one thing. I like everything about her. Except her bossiness. And when she gets mad… Just- just stay away from her. But she’s a good person.

28)  If you could go on an adventure, what would your ideal be?

Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand…

29)  Favorite letter of the alphabet?

Hmmm… A. A when it’s done in a swirly script.

30)  If you could, would you learn Latin?

If I could learn it instantly, yes. If I had to study, no.

31)  Will you babysit my sisters for me? XD

Sure thing! How much are you willing to pay?

32)  You’re wonderful. Did you know this? (That goes for you, too, Rana! ;D)

I did! Thank you! 😀

Rana: Aww, thanks!! You are too! ^_^

God bless!



One thought on “Interview with January | Round 4

  1. That’s it. Rana, you’re gonna wake up someday soon to find him gone — kidnapped at my house. XD But … but … the last one? *wails* JAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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