Chatterbox: Criticism

Well, if you’re still in the dark as to what the monthly chatterbox thingamajigs are, click here. 😉

Otherwise, keep reading. ^_^ Criticism is usually a good thing. If it broadens your horizons and challenges you to think about the world in a different way (while still holding firm to your beliefs), it’s fantastic. But don’t let it get you down and cause you to doubt yourself. Doubt it rarely a good thing. So here’s a random scene from a book that’ll probably never be written on a 10 year old criticizing his big sister. 😛

Thought this summarized most siblings’ fights.

I shrugged my coat off and hung it up by the door.

“Leave me alone,” I snapped, angry that my brother would even think to question what I was doing. I was thirteen years older than him anyway. He was just a baby.

“But, Alyce!” he whined as I tugged his zipper down and tore the jacket off of his ten year old body. “I was just trying to help! You should let me. Hey, I can undress myself, you know.” He glowered at me and tugged his scarf off his neck without my help.

“Look, honey,” I said, kicking off my shoes. “I don’t need help. I’m independent and work better alone. Don’t be so critical of every move I make! Gosh.”

He crossed his arms and continued glaring at me. “Fine,” he snapped. “Go ahead. I won’t help you ever again. And just remember that when you DO need help.”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Whatever, kid. Pasta’s for dinner.” But as I boiled the water, I wonder if Zach didn’t really have a point. Yeah, everyone needs help sometimes. I just don’t need it now. But maybe later, when I’m dragging a body across the floor, I might.

God bless!


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