Interview With January | Round 3

Well, another folks! I hope you’re enjoying these! 😀 Feel free to ask more. January will answer anything if it gains him more time in the spot light. 😉 I didn’t ask any of these questions or any of the previous ones. xD And without further ado, round 3, ladies and gentlemen!


1) What would you write if you had a blog?

My life story.

2) How old are you? If you don’t know, make an educated guess.

I’m twenty-one years old.

3) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I do like Stone Cross Manor, so I think I’d continue living there.

4) What’s your favorite/most memorable dream that you’ve had?

The one where I bit into a piece of blueberry pie, but it tasted like apple crisp.

5) When you listen to music, is it the words or the music itself that makes you feel? Trying to explain, is it the words and the way they’re sung that make the song touch you and paint the picture? Or is it the composer’s music that makes it alive?

Hm, interesting question. It’s definitely a combination of both. Lyrics are a big thing for me. I don’t like to waste time with senseless words, but I also don’t like to listen to crummy music even if I like the lyrics. Know what I mean, jellybean?

6) What’s your favorite fashion accessory?

My top hat. ^_^

7) What are your pet peeves?

When people squeeze the toothpaste from the wrong end, don’t twist the cap on, leave toothpaste all over the cap. Another one is when people treat other people like animals. Seriously, guys. Get with it and treat each other like decent human beings!

8) Have you ever fallen down the stairs?

Yes. Many times. Thanks for bringing up painful and awkward memories.

9) What is your strongest character trait?

My infinite humility.

10) What is your weakness?

My lack of self-confidence.

Skip to 32 seconds.

11) If you could go back in time and change one thing, only one, what would it be?

Alias’s placement in time. I think she belongs in mine.

12) Describe your dream home. What would it look like and who would be in it?

It would be a lavish manor with several rooms, exquisite furniture, and a Victorian-like setting. Alias, obviously, would be there, and so would my sister. Also, a couple of puppies. Preferably huskies or Labradors.

13) Pirates is the best choice — favorite character in Pirates? (This is probably kind of obvious. XD)

You have good taste in movies, beautiful! *winks* It’s a flip between Captain Jack and Will Turner. Captain Jack is humorous and Will is a gentleman. We need more people like me.

14) Angelica or Elizabeth?

I didn’t like either of them very much, but if I had to choose: Elizabeth. Angelica was… I don’t know. I didn’t like her.

15) What’s your favorite treat?

The one that comes out of a bag with a dog printed on the front. *grin* Nah, I don’t know. I’ve got a sweet tooth. And Alias makes good chocolate chip cookies, so…

16) If there was one secret you could tell Alias, what would it be?

I really don’t like myself all that much. *stares shamefacedly at the ground*

17) Have you ever had a disease?

Yeah. It’s called “sarcasm.”

18) Do you love Rana? (You better).

Well, if I better, then why is there a question mark?

19) If you could speak out against anything, what would it be?

People treating other people like filth.

20) Favorite gemstone?

Well, I like garnets (surprise!), amethysts, sapphires, turquoise, and aquamarines.

21) Favorite country that you love to study/visit?

Hm… which one has the best food?

22) Favorite time period????

Whichever one Alias is in.

23) Do you like owls?

Is this a trick question? Hoping and praying it’s not… yeah. They’re funny-looking things. They always have their eyes open like they drank five cans of Redbull before bed and now they can’t sleep.

24) Favorite song? Or just a random song you like?

I really have to answer this one, don’t I? *sigh* Well… I do like Angelus Everlasting by The Crüxshadows. I think Rana’s influencing me. *is scared* And another one would be 20 Years by the Civil Wars.


OH, MY GOODNESS, YES, I CAN! AND YOU ARE PRECIOUS TOO! *spins you around in a big bear hug*

26) What was your first impression of Alias?
            It was a good once since she just offered to get me food.  I didn’t even have to ask.

27) When you meet people, what’s usually the first thing you look for/notice about them?

Their teeth. …Just kidding. Nah, I tend to try and look at people with more than my eyes. Appearance isn’t everything you know.

28) Favorite doughnut?

Chocolate crème filled! You know the one! Sugar powdered on the outside with chocolate frosting in the middle! *licks lips*

29) Favorite quintessential American food?

Are you trying to make me hungry? Well, to answer the question: CHEESEBURGER PIZZA. Yes, it is a legitimate thing. And one of the best legitimate things I’ve ever digested.

30) If there was a character from ANY book/movie/whatever you would like to meet/befriend, who would it be and why? (Please explain a bit about said book/movie to add to our knowledge, dearie. ;D)

Ohhhh, this is a toughie!!! *rubs forehead* I think Angel from Mirriam Neal’s “This Mortal Coil.” He seems like a cool guy. Though I think he would possibly maybe hate me. I might look cuter than him to the ladies. Him, or Rusty or Azrael.

For those of you who haven’t read TMC or Paper Hearts, go do it now. Just do yourself a favor and do it.

God bless!


One thought on “Interview With January | Round 3

    Do you like math?
    When you’re supposed to be doing something, what’s the best excuse you have to procrastinate?
    What do you do when you’re bored?
    What do you do to bother Alias?
    Do you prefer thinking on your feet or mulling things over?
    Are you proficient in computer stuff? If not, I feel ya. 😛
    If you had to get a job, what would you do?
    Do you ever gain weight with all your eating habits? XD
    Have you ever worn makeup?
    Favorite time of day?
    If you could interview anyone/spend a day with anyone you have not yet met, who would it be?
    Describe Alias to us.
    Sunrise or sunset?
    Favorite musical?
    Favorite Marvel character? ;D
    Superman or Batman?
    Do you like butterscotch candies?
    Do you sing? If so, what stuff do you like to belt out?
    What’s your favorite thing about Alias?
    If you could go on an adventure, what would your ideal be?
    Favorite letter of the alphabet?
    If you could, would you learn Latin?
    Will you babysit my sisters for me? XD
    You’re wonderful. Did you know this? (That goes for you, too, Rana! ;D)


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