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Well, it’s been a while since the last post. Or it feels like it anyway. 😛

I’ve been a bit dry as far as writing goes for the past couple of weeks what with being behind in school and working on debate and all. So I decided I’d share a bit of the NCFCA love with you. 😉

If you ever have a chance to look into this lovely organization, please do so. Go for a day or two or three or even just a couple of hours and watch these kids.

We are the future.

What do you see when you go outside? Here’s a brief list of what I notice:

1) People texting on their cell phones instead of speaking

2) Illegibility (seriously? Can we nt typ lk dis al d tym? im sck uv it.)

3) Disrespectful behavior amongst children to their parents and other adults.

4) Lowered standards.

5) Porn (yes, Victoria’s Secret. You’ve lost your secret. The only secret you had has been revealed. Along with the rest of you.)

The list goes on.

Guys, we need encouragement. And the NCFCA is such a thing. I have had the opportunity to compete in this program for the past 5 years. I’ve been debating and giving speeches. At first, the only thing I was happy about was the fact that I got to wear a black suit.


Some of the lovely ladies in my club. L-R: Me (I don’t usually make the duck face for pix, just so you know. I’m not THAT person), Martha-Grace, Sara, Leah, and Natalie. The other little redhead is Emma. She’s not competing. 😛

My philosophy was this, “Well, I’m going to die there anyway. At least I’ll be prepared for my funeral.”

After the first debate camp, I was pumped. I wanted to debate everything and everyone. I was a puny 12 year old debating (get this) resolved: “A government’s legitimacy is determined more by its respect for popular sovereignty than individual rights.” I felt smart saying it, so I said it often. Did I know what it meant? Not really.

But guys. If a 12 year old can debate this resolution, imagine what they can do after several years of this.

And it’s not just the debate. It’s logic. It’s learning to think on your feet. The NCFCA’s mission statement is, “…addressing life issues from a Biblical worldview in a manner that glorifies God.”

That’s not to say we’re a bunch of sheltered homeschoolers that only talk about Jesus’ unfailing love and mercy. No. We’re more that. We’re real. We address difficult topics (abortion, suicide, self-harm, etc.) with LOGIC. Not just opinions.

My good friend Sara gave a persuasive speech on gun control. Check out her blog. She’s intelligent, logical, beautiful, funny, and has great writing tips. 😉 She didn’t say, “GIVE EVERYONE GUNS ‘CAUSE THAT’S WHAT I BELIEVE AND IT’S ALL GOOD.” No. She analyzed both sides of this debate and found a happy middle-ground.

There are also humorous speeches. Warning: you may die laughing.

Impromptu, apologetics, illustrated oratory…

We’re a community of real people who address real issues. And the funny thing is… while this is all a competition, it’s only competitive IN THE ROUNDS. Some of my good friends have been the ones who creamed me in debate! It’s fantastic.

Here’s a link to see if there’s a tournament near you. Go judge. Watch the speeches. See that there is hope. We are hope. We’re respectful, intelligent, and very welcoming.

This past season, I broke to regionals (meaning I moved up to the next level 😛 ), won 5 out of my 7 debate rounds, and placed 18th in speaker points out of what we believe to be about 70 LD debaters. I would definitely not be the same person I am today had NCFCA not touched my life.

I’m not trying to sound cheesy. I’m being honest.

If you don’t believe me, I encourage you to read a post by a man who has been touched by the NCFCA as well.

God bless!



Just a warning… After day #2, you find yourself saying things like, “I tend to use my mind over my brain.” <– my intelligent remark of the 4 day tournament. 😛


One thought on “The NCFCA

  1. Wow…. I didn’t know something like this existed! I love people who band together to stick up for what they believe is right! Christians are awesome. ;D


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