Write Real

So we know to write honestly.

But what do we write honestly about?

For me, it’s the struggles people deal with. Self-harm, inner struggles, and, with this new novel, even domestic violence and abusive relationships.

booksThis is going to be short, because I have something very simple to say.

We read to find pieces of ourselves. To know we’re not alone. To know other people have, do, and will deal with the same pain we struggle with.

I’d like to point out the fact that while I do write about some very real issues, I don’t endorse them. Right now, in Buying Time, Thyme is a girl in an abusive relationship Eagan treats her like filth. I don’t write it because I enjoy it or feel comfortable. In fact, I feel very uncomfortable while writing some of their scenes, but honestly, people need to know this is real. It happens. It’s not right, but we need to know about it in order to know how to deal with it.

I write about wrong issues so people know it’s okay to mess up (as long as you try not to make the same mistakes 😉 ). You may have done something so wrong, you can’t stand to talk or even think about it. But you know what? We have ALL done something we’re ashamed of. The thing is to learn from it. If you don’t accept it as a lesson and learn from your mistakes, you’ll regret them.

And guys, life is too short to regret. Live, learn, and love.

God bless!



January is loving his questions, guys! Keep them coming! 😀

6 thoughts on “Write Real

  1. Wow … thank you. This was so insightful. I think that’s one reason we write, too — to get out the things that hurt, to discover who we are and hope we can touch others in the process.
    Okay, I have more questions for your baby! XD
    If there was one piece of advice you could give, what would it be?
    When is your brain most alive?
    What’s your favorite thing to do with Alias (did I already ask that?)?
    What’s your favorite movie?
    And I had some REALY good ones last night — AND I FORGOT THEM!!! *wails in mourning*


    • No one likes cleaning, but if you had to do it, what’s your favorite chore? What’s the one you would NOT want to do?
      How many places have you lived?
      What’s your favorite word?
      If you had one day of your life left and you knew it, what would you choose to do?
      What makes you laugh (besides yourself)?


      • What’s your greatest fear?
        What makes you happy?
        What would you write if you had a blog?
        How old are you? If you don’t know, make an educated guess.
        If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
        What’s your favorite/most memorable dream that you’ve had?


      • Oh, this one’s very important!
        When you listen to music, is it the words or the music itself that makes you feel? Trying to explain, is it the words and the way they’re sung that make the song touch you and paint the picture? Or is it the composer’s music that makes it alive?


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