Patience and Introducing January

So yesterday I wrote on waiting to get an idea out there. I received a comment from a lovely lady over at the Paris Review Blog who apparently shares the same feelings I have with my novels. (Also, Ana/Eflie’s comments always make my day. Just throwin’ that out there. ❤ ) She loves her stuff so much. She has something to say. But she realizes the importance of waiting until that project is perfected before she can show it to the world.

I admire that. I think we’re all itching to say something. I’m impatient too. I have something to say and I’m like, “I gotta say it now before I explode!” But, as writers, we need to write the first draft, rewrite, edit, rewrite some more, and edit some more before out product is ready to be viewed by the world.

Since I can’t publish my stuff for a while, I have this blog. It’s my way of getting my message (whatever it may be) out to the world. 🙂

Moving on.

I’m thinking that next month, I’ll do a character interrogation – I mean question and answers session with January from the Reset. Mirriam allowed me to steal her idea. So I’m taking advantage of it. 😛 Read the interviews with Angel, Azrael, and Eristor. They’re hysterical. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I just read those and I’m better very quickly.

In case you haven’t read the Reset, here’s some snippets with January so you can get a feel for who he is. Feel free to ask whatever in the comments and we’ll begin the rounds in February! 🙂

I feel it’s important for you all to feel engaged in the blog, so this is my way of doing that since I can’t talk to you all personally. 😦 But we’ll make do!



I smile at Jan and he smiles back. “I’m willing to bet self-confidence is your best quality,” I say.

January shakes his head. “Nope. Humility is my best quality. Couldn’t you tell?”


He chuckles. “Freedom is a state of mind, stupid girl! You could have it now!”


“I think the longer you live, the shorter your Christmas list gets because you begin to realize that the things you want, you simply can’t find in a shop.” He shrugs and puffs out his cheeks.


“Now what fruits do you want?”

“All of them. Strawberries, grapes, kiwi, melon is good too. Ah, let’s see… apples! Red, please. Green is too sour for my taste.”


“You remind me of my brother,” I repeat.

Jan wipes his mouth across his sleeve. “What’s his name?”

“Well, it was Markus, but he’s long dead now.”

“Lovely thought, that,” Jan says wistfully. “I remind you of a dead man. How sweet. You know, Alias, that just really gets me. Gets me right here.” He taps his chest over his heart.


“You’re priceless. I can’t possibly spend enough money on you.”

“You could try,” he points out.


“Think twice before you say something,” I tell him.

“But it would take time and that’s not something I like to waste.”


“Man up!” I shout.

“Be nice!” he shouts back.

“Use your manners!”

“Be a woman and-”

“And what?” I sit up in bed and stare at the door, wondering what he could possibly have to say.

“And be really sweet and loving and caring and bake me some cookies.”

I throw the previous shoe’s mate after it. “I am being loving by teaching you manners,” I tell January. “It’s called ‘tough love,’ love.

I imagine he’s pouting like a four year old now. “Doesn’t seem very loving.”

“It is.”

“I’m not feeling it.”

“What? The love? Oh, it’s flowing all right. Flowing like your hair on a windy day.”

“That’s didn’t bring up a pleasant image in my mind,” January says through the door.

I snort. “Why? What’d you think of?”

“Hair in my mouth, stinging my eyes, pain.”

“Well,” I chuckle, “that’s the realistic image. Kind of like how true love is. You imagine chocolates, butterflies, and warm, fuzzy feelings, when, in fact, love isn’t a feeling. It’s a commitment. And I’m committed to teaching you manners, so just learn ‘em, boy and end my struggle.”


“So what day in January is your birthday?” I ask Jan as I unlace my boots and slip my feet out of them to walk in the sand.

He shrugs. “I don’t know.”

“So… when do you celebrate it?”

A grin spreads across his face. “All month long.”


“I don’t know what standards you have for your friends, but mine appear to be higher, because anyone who’s going to run when it gets tough was never a true friend in the first place.”


“That box is full of memories. Things of the past that I can never get back. You, my darling, are now. You are full of potential. Those relics have no future. They sit and gather dust and remind me of what I’ve done. They don’t tell me who I am or what I’ll do and you can. Actually,” he adds with a grin, “you already do tell me what to do. Quite frequently.”

So, let the questions commence! 🙂

God bless!



12 thoughts on “Patience and Introducing January

  1. I just discovered your blog and I love it. Character interviews are always awesome. I stole the same idea from Mirriam for one of my characters. Oh and questions for January, favorite color and favorite song.


    Jannybaby, I wuvs you.
    Do you get excited whenever January rolls around? ‘Cause every time I write the date in my journal I think of you. Or look at the calendar. Or anything that has your name. XD
    What’s your favorite food?
    Favorite color?
    Ballet or tap?
    Opera or kpop?
    Favorite article of clothing? (I expect an interesting and unique answer from you on this one, lovey. XD)
    Do you ever talk to yourself or ask yourself questions or tell yourself stories?
    Do you like chipmunks?
    Do you like geese?
    Geese or chipmunks?
    Winter or summer?
    Fall or spring?
    What’s your bedtime/getting up time?
    How old are you?
    I’ve already adopted you. You cool with that?
    What’s your greatest injury you’ve ever suffered?
    Happiest memory? (Anything with Alias is definitely accepted).
    You gonna marry Alias?
    Favorite book (Rana or Alias can read to you until you’re proficient enough).
    Favorite fairy tale?
    FAvorite disney movie?
    I’ll be back with more soon. XD THIS IS AWESOME, RANA!!!!!


    • Okayokayokay!!!
      Do you like cats? Do you want my evil cat that’s missing a few teeth?
      FAvorite outfit?
      Favorite genre of music?
      Movies: action, drama, comedy, historical, educational,etc? Pick.
      What do you want next Christmas?
      Have you ever had a job?
      Were you to go to college, what would you study?
      Do you like all the attention you’re receiving? XD


  3. I have a few questions for January. -clears throat-
    What is your preferred hair color (on yourself)?
    How do you feel about the internet?
    Do you like to read?
    Who is your favorite person (fictional or real)?
    How do you feel about Rana?
    What’s your favorite fruit?
    Dogs or cats?
    Favorite car model?
    Do you have a girlfriend?
    What’s your preferred genre of music?

    And the most important of all…
    do you love me?


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