Analysis of Desensitized

As promised, this post is on the parallels between Desensitized and today’s world.

Self-harm: I know that there are many people who suffer with self-confidence, stress, family problems, and the like. Ashland represents those people. She takes pills to be “normal.” Think anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, ibuprofen, etc. She cuts to relieve the emotions she can’t talk to anyone about. She smokes, and she’s lonely, but covers it up with a smile, just like so many of us do.

I’m still working on it, but my hope is that people will be able to relate to her and, through her struggles, identify their problems and overcome them. Or at least give them the incentive or hope they need to begin to crawl toward the light.

Cliques and government corruption: The next thing is the Outcasts vs. Elites. In schools, work places, and pretty much every place you go, you’ll notice there’s the “cool” kids and the “weirdos” with whom no one wants to hang out. There are always cliques. This is taken to an extreme where whole societies play this game of who’s cool and who’s not.

The Elites appear to be the clean, well-mannered, white sheep in the world. They live in nice homes, have an organized government, etc.; however, they are corrupt on the inside and very racist. Basically, they’re everything they call the Outcasts out on.

The Outcasts, on the other hand, are poor people struggling to survive. They can’t help the situation they’re in and so they become calloused just to stay alive without hurting too bad. On the inside, while they appear to be tough, they’re just broken people who really have no idea how to achieve a higher quality of life.

The right to life: As many of you know, there are issues like abortion and euthanasia out there. While they claim to support people’s “rights to choose,” they’re just organizations built on lies.

Ever read the book “Animal Farm” by George Orwell? In that book, the society begins as “all animals are equal.” Throughout, the animals with the most power begin to slowly make exceptions and, by the end of the book, the above slogan transforms into, “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

This is one of the issues dealt with in Desensitized. I portray abortion and euthanasia as it is: murder. Real doctors save lives, they don’t end them. No one should be allowed to play God and decide who gets to live and who doesn’t. That’s sick and stupid. However, in this second draft, I’m going to try to let the reader know that no matter what, they’re redeemable. No matter what anyone’s done, if they are truly sorry, they will be forgiven.

Don’t judge. You never know what someone’s going through. This is one of the larger issues in Desensitized. The Outcast Cael looks dark, has tattoos, seems like a heartless jerk, but he’s really just a sad boy who wants to love and be loved though he’d never tell anyone that. 😉 Kody, Cael’s twin, is a fun guy who drinks, smokes, and parties all the time. He’s just trying to forget all of his pain. No one is ever the way they seem to be. Everyone has some struggle they’re going through and they just might not know how to get it out.

Faith: Ashland prays and learns to trust God. It’s not a central theme, but more of a side theme. I like to keep my novels so they reflect my faith, but also so that others won’t find it too preachy. If you don’t agree, okay. That’s fine. I’m not going to shove it down your throat, but I do have the right to freedom of speech and I’m going to act on it, regardless of whether people agree with me or not. 😉

Just a note, I will be rehashing the plot line. I’m just not sure what I’m going to do with it, yet, so we’ll see how this works. 😛

God bless!

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