It’s Not the Word Count that Counts

So, I’m nearing the end of The Reset.

Right now, it’s 47,551 words long. I have 2,449 words left to go to make it to 50,000 – the length of a full novel.

I’m on the last (maybe second to last, depending on stuff) chapter and I’m worried that I won’t meet the word count.

But I have to keep reminding myself that writing isn’t about the word count (unless you’re NaNoing it). It’s about the message. What are you trying to say? Figure it out and say it. Don’t waste time adding unnecessary scenes (I have yet to master this). It will only bore the reader and take away from the story. Think of all the fighting scenes in the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I was so disappointed. The action took away from the plot and become monotonous.

So I think I shall try to stop worrying about the word count and simply write what matters.  Because, in the end, that’s what really counts.

Plus, I can always edit. That may add and take away words and scenes. It may lengthen or shorten the novel. Just say what needs to be said and it’ll turn out wonderfully. ^_^

God bless!



2 thoughts on “It’s Not the Word Count that Counts

  1. So true. It’s the pictures, the feelings the words give, not how many there are. (Victor Hugo, I’m lookin’ at you, bub. XD) When you get it published, I’ll be the first to buy a copy!!!!


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