Dear you,

My wish to you all. ❤

{wishful thinking}

It’s a new year, and a new year is a time for looking forward, and a way to look forward is to remember. Remember that you have the chance, with everything you do, to change your life. You could talk to the interesting person standing in line. You could dare to show someone your drawings, to approach that publisher about your novel. You could dare to believe that God made you to do more than sit in others shadows. Remember that everyone you meet will know something you don’t. Remember not just to change, but to grow. Remember there is so much you can do if you just get it done. Remember to try, even if you fail. Don’t settle for less. Remember to be kind and wise, and if you don’t know how to be wise, pretend you do. Remember to smile, and if you can’t, then fake it. Don’t sell yourself short…

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