Chatterbox: Mythology

‘Ello, my lovlies!

I’ve come down with a cold and finals for biology lecture and lab are today.

Coincidence? I think not.

My friend had a theory on this: Why do Americans call Autumn “fall?” Quite simply because everyone is coming down with sickness. Sounds more like a cheesy joke, but hey! Snickerdoodle Hashtag approves.


So onto the subject of this month’s chatterbox. If you’re not sure what this is about, check out the Inkpen Authoress blog. 🙂

The topic: Mythology.

I couldn’t see anything through the thick fog. Moisture seeped through my clothing, causing the garments to stick uncomfortably to my skin. I hurried down the steep, rocky slope to the edge of the water with as much caution as I could muster.

The second my big toe dipped into the water, a large sort of sea monster rose only a few yards in front of me and leaned its long neck forward, parting the mist. I ran a trembling hand along the damp, scaly skin. Its body exuded a warmth that was unnatural for a creature of these cold waters.

“You need to leave,” I whispered to it.

The loch ness monster pulled back and looked into my eyes, staring as if it was reading my soul.

“They’re going to get you,” I explain. “And I won’t watch you die. So please, go.”

The creature nuzzled my face for the last time before swimming backwards and slipping below the lazy lapping waves. I stared at the water until the ripples caused by the loch ness were no more.

God bless!


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