Cannibalism and Soundtracks

These aren’t my cookies, by the way. Mine could never be that perfect. Besides, I would rather eat the sweets rather than leave ’em out for Santa.

It’s not how you think. I promise.

We bought our Christmas tree a few days ago and decorated it last night. It looks beautiful.

Mom suggested I make Christmas cookies for us to eat while we decorate the tree. I obliged. And ate a lot. Too many, in fact. But I have a theory: you can’t feel guilty if you don’t know how many sweets you eat. So I just don’t count. I feel fine. 🙂 You’re all welcome. Just don’t come complaining to me if you try out my system and get sick or fat. 😛

Anyway, I used those cookie cutter things (hearts, Christmas trees, angels, gingerbread men) and most of them went in looking pretty swell, but when they came out, it was like they went through a mutation machine.

But they tasted good. That’s all that matters.

While I was eating a gingerbread man (I made him look angry with icing), I broke off an arm (because, ya know, I like to cause my cookies as much pain as possible before I end their crumby lives) and made a face at the cookie. Mom started laughing at me and when I asked her what was so funny, she told me I was making faces at my food.

I hadn’t counted on anyone noticing.

But oh well.

Also, while we were decorating, I wanted to cry. I felt so sorry for my poor Cael and for killing his twin, Kody. That’s not weird. It’s a writer thing.

Now onto soundtracks! 😀

I see other writers discussing their novel soundtracks and thought, “Hey! Why not?” So here you go, listening to me inflict my opinions upon the world. 😛

I don’t really have novel soundtracks, per se (mainly because I find an artist I like, obsess over them for a while, and then move on). But I do listen to music while I write. It seems like every novel gets their own artist. While I was writing the second book of Desensitized, I pretty much only listened to Evanescence.

For the third book of the trilogy, my soundtrack was mainly comprised of music by Thousand Foot Krutch (I think).

Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately in no particular order:

I See Fire by Ed Sheeran — The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Soundtrack

Fly on the Wall by Thousand Foot Krutch

Who We Are by RED

Courtesy Call by TFK

We Are by TFK

E for Extinction by TFK

Haunted by Taylor Swift

Shiver by The GazettE

Red by The GazettE

Action by Nu’est

Face by Nu’est

I also listen to EXO, Evanescence, Skillet (but I already mentioned those two), Christina Grimmie, Plumb, Britt Nicole, etc. I listen to almost everything. As long as the lyrics are clean. Even with KPop and JPop. I have to find the lyric translation and make sure it’s fine in the other language before I listen to it.

Yeah, call me weird.

It’s a compliment.

God bless!



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