You know you’re a fangirl when…

…you incorporate geeky subjects into your biology power point presentation. Yep. I did it.

Well, I haven’t given my speech yet, but I did one (without fangirling) earlier. I think it went pretty well! 🙂 I spoke clearly, projected my voice, and didn’t say “um” a lot. ^_^ I’m proud of myself. The subject was mitosis and meiosis.

That didn’t give me much room to fangirl. But my next speech/power point presentation will be on mutations! NOW I can fangirl.

Wait. That didn’t sound right…

Anyway. *cough* After I gave my speech, my brother did his (gosh, he’s such a wonderful speaker), and then another girl in my class named Kellie (I think that’s how she spells her name). She did hers on the reproductive system.

Apparently, I have a rather expressive face, so she kept pointing at me and laughing. Is that bad? Nahhhh.

So! How do you incorporate fangirlyness into a speech on genetic mutations? *chuckles*

  • When speaking on albinos, I brought in the Albino from The Princess Bride.
  • When speaking on heterochromia, I brought in Benedict Cumberbatch (bet you didn’t know he was a mutant!)
  • When speaking on blue skin tones, I brought up Loki.

GUYS, LAST NIGHT I WAS RESEARCHING ALL THIS STUFF. NO ONE WAS HOME AND I WAS LAUGHING. Laughing when you’re alone at nothing and everything is not good.

At all.

I swear. I saw the word “cheezeburger” and I laughed.

I was reading How Stuff Works and saw this, “In August 2007, many news organizations reported that redheads or “gingers,” as our British and Australian friends call them, would eventually become extinct.”


OH MY WORD. I’m a double mutant!!! My right eyeball has heterochromia and I’m a redhead. GINGERS ARE A RESULT OF MUTATIONS.

Everyone: I am a beautiful mutant. *stares lovingly into a mirror*

Is that funny? Is it something to laugh about?

How about this?

I called my bestie up to talk to her. Maybe she could make me normal again (as if I ever was to begin with)… Maybe.

Whoops! nope!

There was a 2 second silence and I forgot I was on the phone.


I almost had a heart attack when she started talking again. O_O

I might have issues… but my parents won’t tell me.

I told my dad. He gave me a look, then proceeded to ask me what I took before he came home.

My answer? “COKE! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT’S A CODE WORD FOR? *whispers* …cocaine.” (I promise you, guys. I did not. I’m not a druggie. All I took was Advil, because I was in pain. But that was hours before.)

Something is not right with me. I suspect it’s the fact that I’ve been awake too long without sufficient sleep…

Ah, well. There’s a post on nothing. 🙂

Wish me luck on this next speech, y’all!

God bless!



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