Researching for Your Novel + Halloween Costumes

Goooood afternoon, people! 😀

Sorry I haven’t posted in, like, forever. I’ve been pretty busy, and then when I’m not, I’m still busy (procrastinating, that is). My life has mainly consisted of studying, looking for Halloween costume ideas (I want to make my own again — I’ve done that the past several years), and writing (though not as much as I would like).

But first! Here’s a little helper when researching for your novel. I learned this in my debate class and thought it’d be fantastic for writing as well! So, you know when you do that random Google search that brings up 1.5 million results that don’t help? Yeah. The ones we do every. single. day.

Well, quite frankly, it’s frustrating. I’m sure you know my pain.

My friends, I’m here to tell you there’s a better way.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen! It’s called Google Advanced Search. You can search like you normally would, then filter out results you don’t want, and make it more specific to your needs. It’s pretty cool.

Now onto costumes! 😀 I’ve know what I want to make, but I’ve got no idea what it’s going to be for. 😦 I was thinking Steampunk, then Amy Lee (from Evanescence) style, and now I’m just like, “Whatever.” XD Here are the things I want to make (with links on the first two –click on the pix —  on how to make them if you’re interested):

A corset t-shirt

A No-Sew Tutu

Using the above idea, the one below could be totally do-able!

Something simple like Amy Lee’s outfit here could be epic!

I love the idea of sparkly fishnets over black tights! Modest and cute!

This is cool too! Though it’d take a lot of time looking through thrift stores and possibly sewing…

And this is so epic! I don’t know how much time/money it’d take to make though… :/

Well, folks! There’s my post of the day!

God bless!



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