Why You Should Have a Writer’s Notebook

Hello, everybody!

I’m back from “vacation”! Don’t know if you can call it that. It was more of like a break from school and work… but not people. I need a break from people. 😛 I also lost two (my only two!) pocket knives at the airport. 😥 I got through just fine when we were passing through the first time! And it wasn’t like I was going to use it on people, geeze! I crochet. I need something to cut the yarn with!

Anyway, concerning the statement above. Why should you have a writer’s notebook? What is a writer’s notebook? What’s so important about it?

I’ll tell you.

What is a writer’s notebook? A writer’s notebook is a little journal in which you jot down all the names, ideas, plot twists, fancy words you like, etc. in.

What’s so important about it? It helps if you’re writing and need some names, but can’t think of any. You just flip to your “names” section, and voila! A ton of names right at your fingertips! Yeah, you could check baby name sites, but seriously, this little book is better. You just had a brilliant idea about some new novel idea? Jot it down quick! Label it as “plot bunny” and come back to it when you’re ready to write!

How do you organize your notebook? I have four tabs. You can get them cheap at Best Buy or Walmart or whatever. I have it labeled “Ideas,” “Names,” “Words,” and “Misc.”

This is what it looks like. Beautiful purple color.


I held it on its side so you can see the tabs (sorry for the horrible quality! My computer isn’t a Nikon!),


It has a nice little folder in the back for keeping loose pieces of paper!


And here’s a sample of the names section. 🙂



I don’t know what I’d do without my notebook! Every writer should have one, in my humble opinion. You’ve got names, awesome words (with definitions), a place to store ideas (and write down ALL the ideas. You never know when you’ll need one!), and a place to keep random stuff not pertaining to writing.

So yeah. Go out, invest in a nice purple (or other color…) leather notebook and pen you’ll love to write with (mine is a recycled pen!), and start writing things down! 😀

God bless!



2 thoughts on “Why You Should Have a Writer’s Notebook

    • …You could. XD But it’s really not intended for nonsense. Unless, of course, you write nonsense, in which “Nonsense Book” would make sense, but it doesn’t in my case in which I write sense, not nonsense. 😛

      My old computer was named Computer in Scandanavian. I called it “Tolva”. This new computer is Banalafacata Zocci.


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