The breath of life

Yeah, yeah. I know I’m reblogging a TON! But I promise to come up with my own soon! 😉

Here are my (probably unwanted) thoughts on this post: I think character development comes with time. Don’t freak if the charries come out flat at first. It’s okay. It’ll get better. 😉 Try some character development (CD) forms and fill those out so you can figure some stuff out. Also, try looking for their faces (yes, I’m giving you an excuse to go on Pinterest :P). I’ll have a CD chart tomorrow. 😀

God bless!

{wishful thinking}

138556126006025712_zcf6FiFK_cSo a few people have asked me recently how they can make their characters ‘come alive.’ They say their characters are flat and two-dimensional, that they can’t seem to make them do what they’re supposed to.

Well, there’s your problem. You can’t make your characters do what you want them to. I think too often writers look at their characters the way a tyrant or a despot looks at those under his rule, whether they mean to or not. They think a character is completely theirs, an automaton that does whatever they tell it to.

This is completely wrong. Tolkien once said that we, as the created, have the right to create ourselves, and he was right. God gave us the ability to create, but so often we mess up. We aren’t supposed to be tyrannical writers, forcing our characters into molds they don’t fit. As the creators of our…

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