Over the Weekend…

…I got a beautiful scarlet colored jacket with plaid flannel on the inside! It’s gorgeous! Can’t wait for the cooler weather to hit! 😀 I also got a black and grey striped sweater! Check out Mentor’s or Plato’s Closet. They’re sister stores and much better than Good Will. 😛

On Sunday, I went to church and attempted to make a pumpkin spice latte, but it didn’t work out. Mom’s on a health food craze which means I suffer along with it. No sugar. No regular milk. Instead, I have to use Stevia (concentrated sugar) and almond milk. -_- But hey! I get to eat and drink, so I’m not complaining!

After that, I went to the first Youth Group meeting and it went well! ^_^ I got to eat pizza (like, from Little Caesars – good, old fashioned, American pizza! Without a cauliflower crust! It was like, traditional crust!!!!) and ice cream with Reese’s, Kit Kats, gummy bears, and chocolate sauce and whipped cream and sprinkles! I haven’t had ice cream in a LONG time!

I also fooled around on GIMP and learned how to change eye/hair color!! 😀 It’s so fun! ^_^

So yeah. That’s my life. 😛 Today was back to debate and school. I’m done with driver’s education, so yay for me! 😀

AND TONIGHT! Oh my word! So, my little sister was like, “What’s for dinner?” And we were having beef.

So, I said, “Beef. It’s what’s for dinner. … DID ANYBODY GET THAT? HAHAHA!”

And Mom was like, “I did. Ha. Ha. Ha. -_- ”

What’d you do over the weekend?

God bless!



Here’s the best thing invented since sliced bread:




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