introducing national suicide prevention week

Good post on National Suicide Prevention Week. I love you all, k? And I pray for you every day. ❤

You cannot be replaced. ❤

God bless!

Through Purple Lenses

1185243_10151558651526957_753643152_nToday is World Suicide Prevention Day.  This week is National Suicide Prevention Week.  To honor those who have lost their live or loved ones to suicide, we will be taking a step back from Alex’s letters and instead focus on the issue slapped in our face this week.

What is National Suicide Prevention Week?  Our friends at TWLOHA (To Write Love On Her Arms) can explain.  Two days ago they wrote:
“Today, September 8, marks the start of 2013’s National Suicide Prevention Week. It’s a time for organizations, communities, and individuals to come together in the name of those we’ve lost and those who’ve been affected by the reality of suicide. The vision is that this is a battle we won’t always have to fight. However, recent numbers show that, within the developed world, suicide is the leading cause of death among people ages 15- 49, greater even than cancer…

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