Killer Balloons

Okay, so  last night, I was watching my little sister and two little cousins (ages 11, 10, and 4). There was a “Happy Birthday” balloon with most of the helium leaked out and it was still going though. I mean, it was floating around the house all creepy-like. I was on the couch and eating pizza with the girls when all of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I see a person moving slowly out from the side of the couch ready to pounce on me or scare me or something.

I glance over and it’s not a person. It’s the flipping balloon!

All night though, it was just wandering about the house like a restless soul looking for some place to go to sleep for the rest of eternity. I don’t know how to convey this, but it was creepy. Like, it was floating behind curtains slowly… my sister and cousin were talking and all of a sudden they look up and the balloon is right on top of my cousin’s head. AND THEN IT WAS IN THE CORNER BY ONE OF THE CHAIRS BETWEEN IT AND THE T.V.!!!!!

And I was like, “Guys… it’s waiting for the right moment…”

And then I cracked some jokes about it being like Moriarty.

And it was like a serial killer balloon…

And that really freaked the girls out and I was laughing like a maniac (probably ’cause I am one).

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when I stay up too late, have eaten a key lime pie Yoplait yogurt thingy, and DORA GUMMIES!!!! My mom NEVER get us gummies. So when there some, I eat them. I eat them all. Just kidding. But seriously. 😛 I also ate some sour frozen peaches… and ice cream… and coolwhip… and mini M&M’s. I get excited about food.


Sorry. I went to bed at midnight. I’ll stop talking now because if I don’t, I’ll go on forever and ever and ever and ever… 😀

But seriously. Watch out for the serial killer balloons. They’re not innocent.

God bless!



This is the balloon… hovering over the lamp… creepy, isn’t it?




“What should I post? I don’t want to start with important stuff ’cause not many people will read it.” So, I’ve decided to start with something not so important and save the important stuff for some other time when more people will read it. My topic? Me.

Yeah. Sorry. I know. It’s not the best subject. I’m a lame weirdo. And I’ve already got a page about me…


Maybe I’m interesting. Maybe I’m not. But whatever. Here we go!

1) I’m Roman Catholic and proud of it. My confirmation saint is Mary. ^_^ (If you have questions, refer to this since I can’t respond to you personally. 🙂 )

2) I like lists.

3) I’m mildly OCD (“You couldn’t tell by looking at my room, but…” – my OCD bestie on herself).

4) So… I’m an INTJ. I like to say that ’cause it makes me feel special. Apparently, that’s the rarest personality type out there…

5) I have blue eyes, but my right eye has a brown spot in it. O_o

6) I’m 15 years old.

7) I have a crazy amount of acquaintances, but not many friends.

8) I’ve been told that I’m very mature for my age.

9) However, if they got to know me, they’d find out I’m a total nutball.

10) My little sister is watching Merlin right now (I’m sort of watching it too) and I’m listening to Evanescence.

11) I think Sir Gawain’s most profound line is, “I was dreaming of cheese that tasted like apple pie.”

12) I’m a music junkie.

13) My cat is watching Merlin from outside on the porch…


15) I loved Moriarty.

16) I once said, “I just said that in an Australian accent! Now you have to do it!” (Yes, I quote myself.)

17) Sometimes, I remember I have a skeleton in my body.

18) I have to babysit my little cousins and sister tonight.

19) I love to bake!

20) I have a horrid sweet tooth!

K, there’s 20 things about me. 😀 Now I will leave you with this terrifying image of me being professional at a speech and debate showcase where I had to be welcoming to people and make them want to join our speech and debate group.


God bless!


Post #1

Hey, everyone!

So, I had a blog before. It had the same title as this one, but I had to delete it over the summer and now I’ve got it back! Before, the link was, but it wouldn’t let me reclaim it for some reason. O_o Anyway, welcome!

Just to let you know, I’m not allowed to respond to comments. 😦 It makes me sad. But I gotta obey my parents, so whatever. Leave comments anyway, please, because I love them and I love you, and I like to hear your thoughts. 🙂

Anyways, this blog is basically for me to let the world know my opinions, thoughts, etc. I will analyze quotes and let you know what they mean to me, maybe some writing tips (though not often, because I’m new to the process myself, but I’ll let you know what my thoughts are on certain things and what I learned from trial and error), and snippets from what I write, and stuff I fangirl over. 😛

So, thanks for stopping by, come again, and feel free to make yourself at home. ^_^

God bless!